Robin Subaru EHO35 and Honda 35 with golden eagle bike kit for sale - No Longer Available

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by burl, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. burl

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    Robin Subaru EHO35 and Honda 35 with golden eagle bike kit for sale

    The Robin Subaru EHO 35 is yellow in color and brand new ( and hard to find, this one was built in Japan) , never mounted, never fueled. They sell new for $529.
    The Honda GX35 is red in color and has about 320 miles on it, not fully broken in, and runs great.
    The Golden Eagle Bike kit includes the transmission assembly, engine mounts, engine stop wire with switch, throttle cable, extra kevlar belt, extra clutch, drive rim gear, tool, extra trail gear, instructions, and special axle. Reason why selling: Cannot ride at this time due to injury. Get this set up at a great price, have an extra engine, (keep the subaru because they are hard to find) these engines are very reliable. I paid $659 just for the honda GX35 and GEBE kit a little over a year ago.
    I bought the Robin Subaru thinking to build a family member a motorized bike, but it never happened so I don't need that engine either. I really like the GEBE system and have had zero problems with it.
    I was using the kit with a tanaka 2 stroke engine (very reliable also), I don't have the tanaka anymore. I can't seem to post pics at this time. Shoot me an email and I can send some pics. thanks for looking. I take paypal, money order, or check. I guarantee you will find the quality great. They are clean motors, not oily, or beat up. Buyer pays for shipping and will only be the cost of package material and shipping. I will email/call you for the exact shipping price.

    List Date: 7/18/2014

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: Robin Subaru EHO35 and Honda 35 with golden eagle bike kit for sale
    This item is no longer available.


  2. Bonefish

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    You might want to divide and conquer. If you sell the EHO35 by itself, then the GX35 with the GEBE, you might have better success.
  3. darwin

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    How much just for the R/S shipped to 80028?
  4. burl

    burl New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I sold the gebe with the honda, now I just have the eho35 to sell.
  5. pvwjr

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    Do you still have the r/s eho?
  6. burl

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    r/s eho

    Sorry, It didn't sell for so long, so I ended up building another bike and I'm using it now. I'm am so impressed with it that I'm tempted to buy another one at the (gulp) $489 price. I have used in the past the tanaka 3300, gx35, and now this one. I actually like the subaru over the honda.
  7. Bonefish

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