Robin-SUBARU myth

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Accender, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Accender

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    You cannot buy any parts.

    Go with honda. Robin-Subaru has no support in north america.:shock:

    Parts are 30 to 45. 90 days out. Honda is next day air..............

    Save yourself the headache.

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  2. Torques

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    Are you kidding, no parts, well, that's a myth. When I put a hole in my gas tank, I called into the regional wholesale distributor (Southwest Products Corp) in phoenix to the company, they ordered the part, I had it a few days later. Seriously I thought you were kidding and if you're serious you don't have a clue or you're a shill. Here is YOUR support page:
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  3. astring

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    I literally could not find a gas cap for my HONDA GX35 in Phx (5th largest city in America).
  4. Accender

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    Roger that.
  5. lennyharp

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    Roger WHAT? Looks like you want people to buy Honda motors and when the reason is taken away you just say roger that?
  6. Dug3x3

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    Hello, I am a small Robin / Subaru dealer. Robin is a very dependable and hard working company. The distributors are stocked well and I can have any parts quick. I am going to start stocking the 25 & 35 enigne and parts for our own friction drive setups were building now. Its definetly a myth that Robin parts are harder to get than Honda. Thanks doug
  7. jimeme

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    San Diego No Parts

    I was making some calls in the San Diego area to see who stocks parts and can do warranty work and could not find anyone. Some of these calls were based on information when I talked to the factory rep. I like the little bit more horsepower over the Honda, but if someone can let me know where I can get the engine worked on I can't see using it.
  8. Torques

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    Seriously, worked on? What would have to be worked on? I haven't had one problem on any of them except for the issue I caused. They are bullet proof. What problem does your motor have specifically.
  9. lennyharp

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    In Mesa AZ I can go about 3-4 miles down the road to Roy's Lawnmowers and Gokarts.. I bet you can find a place in San Diego by calling Toll Free: (800) 277-6246 Tel: (630)350-8200 or going to
    Mesa is smaller than San Diego I think so chances are you can find a lcal service outlet. I don't think you will need much service with this 4 cycle EHO25 or 35. I have 800 miles on mine and just follow the daily maintenance from the manual and it is working great.
  10. Mountainman

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    Some interesting threads here --- I just bought a Subaru 35cc engine - friction drive ----- ANYWAY - as I think way back in time - having owned dozens and dozens of small engines -- and also operated a lot of them long ago while working for The City of San Diego Parks Dept.. --- I have only had one engine ever seize up after blowing some massive smoke -- this engine was on a sidewalk vacuum machine - hp maybe 5 - the machine was turned over to me to use WHILE RUNNING - so there was no way that I could check the oil -- the dumb guy that turned it over to me - DID NOT CHECK THE OIL BEFORE USING !!! It's totally amazing to me - how long these engines run - with some oil... Happy Riding from - Mountainman