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    Does a 35 cc robin suburu have to be level to maintain oil prssure or can it run
    like a honda in any position..?

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    Page 7 of the service manual addresses this, I wish I could find if I can tilt my eho35V (vertical only??), it is significantly different than the straight eho35, though black looks better than yellow.
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    Never heard of a eho35v,, must be a different animal all together.
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    The only Robin Subaru small displacement cc engines that I could find are the EH035 (33.5cc), EH025 (24.5cc), EH09 (86cc) and the ECO4-0209 40.0 (40cc). The EH035 is available as a vertical (black) and horizontal (yellow). I've found an equipment manufacture in Australia that sells a pack pack blower with a 76cc engine.

    Are you sure the 35cc your asking about is Robin Subaru and not a Honda GX35 (red)?
    Post a picture of your engine.

    Never mind, Dimension Edge does sell the Robin Subaru EH35, but looking at other pictures it looks like a EHO35 which is 33.5cc:

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    It is not like the honda engines or tanaka 2 strokes THEY can not be run in any position. You can call Dave at staton and he can easily verify this.