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    This post includes a link to an update vid on my first motored-bike build that I posted about last Fall. I visited this forum often last winter to seek tips & info about wiring & starting the motor and found a ton of great advice from many contributors which led to my first successful start yesterday.
    I would have been lost without this forum, so THANX to you all, I am now looking forward to a summer full of fun riding & improving the performance of the bike. (I will be checking back again soon for more tips once I find the bugs that need working out.)

    Thanks again, fellow Gear-heads. :D -:bowdown:

    The Youtube URL :

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    refuse to look at youtube as ima gunna overdo my download in a second.

    cant take photos?
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    Hi HeadSmess, is the small box your in located in Australia or Nova Scotia? - jis' curious.
    Your computer or internet service may be in question if you can't view YouTube.
    I use many still photos to make my vids, so let me see if i can round up a few & put them in the gallery or somewhere soon. Time is the thing.
    Thanks for your interest.
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    - Also, anybody, let me know if that bucket-link worked.
    THX again, - N.R.
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    Road Rash

    Surprise !!!
    Just when you're starting to have fun .... you learn a valuable lesson about planning your build better. Like making sure that your front-brake lever isn't too close to your clutch lever so that you don't grab them both with your long fingers at the same time.
    I went over my handlebars today after a 19km run, just as I approached my driveway, still going @ 20k/hr - any faster & it could have been worse. As it was, I saw my face-plant coming, shifted my weight to one side & ended up with only "Road-Rash" & a sprained R. thumb & bruised knee.:sweatdrop:
    I have scratches on my clutch & have to straighten my H-bars a bit but the bike is O.K. otherwise. I HAVE to resolve this issue with the levers too though.
    LIVE & learn.