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  1. Hey there MBC,
    I love your site.
    I understand I need to introduce myself.......
    I am new to motorized bikes, but come from a very obsessive goped
    habit. I've very into making my own stuff,
    and have made my own stand up goped style scooter out of a Yamaha Jog scooter with the CVT.
    I'm really proud of it.
    Here's a shot

    I also build robots, I have a rock band entirely made up of robots
    that I made myself. They actually play all the instruments. Pneumatic powered.
    I tour all over the US and make my living with it.

    I'm going to be motorizing my bicycle soon, either with my Zenoah
    G23lh spindle driven, or I "might" use an extra G43l I have and mount a sprocket on the rear wheel, mounting the engine above the rear tire.

    Anyways, nice to be here.
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  2. fetor56

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    G'day man,welcome to MBc. sound like you will fit-in perfectly,and we can learn from job/hobby.

    BTW...u could do with a bigger engine on that Goped....kiddin. :cool:
  3. Thanks,
    it's only 50cc though, it's the CVT which is so big....
  4. srdavo

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    Welcome to MBc

    I checked out your site. really cool!

    feel free to start a thread in our "White Zone" & tell us all about the "Band".
    I know I have a bunch of questions for ya.... :cool:

    heck, we'll even watch you build a motored bike :D
  5. azbill

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
    cool site
    your band rocks :D:D
  6. wavygravy

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    welcome robot dude!
  7. mickey

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    Welcome aboard
  8. dbigkahunna

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    Welcome from the Giant Side of Texas!
  9. spad4me

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    Very original band . Are they animatronic servo controlled.
    Programmable ?
    Welcome here .
  10. quay1962

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    someone saw fit to bump this thread so howdy again captured by robots...i see you posted yesterday so i know you are still are your projects going? Good luck and happy motoring!
  11. spad4me

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    That would be me .
    Just want to meet some one who can do.
    As far as gopeds go captured by robots can do .

    Maybe as well as motorized bicycles.
  12. datz510

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    Wicked band!! [​IMG] Don't let the robots push you around too much...

    You'll fit in perfectly here!
  13. It's nice to be welcomed again , even though I've been
    here for more than 6 months and have built 1 mb already...
    But... Thanks again everyone.
    The band is on hiatus until next year, so i'm just playing with my motorized toys.
  14. spad4me

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    I believe that i want to build a motorized bicycle based on your goped

    No kidding. Please PM me.
    I would like to ask you some questions about a cvt on a motorized bicycle.

    I will build one based upon your posted designs.
    Have a good day
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  15. I haven't done it for a bike yet,
    as the gear ratio issue is wrong. It's easy with a 10 inch goped wheel.
    Not so easy with a 26 incher. Gotta get the gear ratio right first.
    I'm working on it now.
  16. davidsis

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    Cool, you will really love the motorized bicycles. How fast does scooter go?
  17. I know, I already do. :)
    Remember, I already made one and have been a member since January.
    I posted a thread about my MB in " rack mount" long ago.

    My CVT goped runs about 40.
    My MB with a 40 cc tanaka scrubber drive runs about 35ish.
  18. spad4me

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    A happy time has a 4 to 1 jackshaft built in.
    Engine rpm about 6,000.
    Then a huge reduction through the jackshaft.
    The driven sprocket is a ten tooth driving a 415 or .81 BMX chain.
    Final sprocket size is usually 44 tooth.