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    This quote sums up the author's mentality pretty well: "When I’m in a social situation (which I avoid)". What that tells me is this Jonas Polsky person is an antisocial **** who probably has nobody to talk on the phone with. After saying things like "All things considered, not having a smartphone makes me an all-around better citizen than the typical iPhone user.", it's no mystery why nobody wants to talk to this person.

    I like my cell phone. I use it when I want to talk to someone who's not with me at the time, because that's what you're supposed to do with a cell phone. I even use it to play video games when I'm on the toilet or at the back of a long line sometimes. I avoid using my cell phone during a real social interaction because that's a bit of a faux pas.

    As for the cell phones and cancer comment, that's been shown to be a load of crap by dozens of studies. Also, the number of people who text and drive is fairly minimal, and the ones who do are the ones who without a cell phone would be too enamored by their radio or their kids or their hamburger to pay any attention to the road anyway. Anyone who dies because of a cell phone probably got a darwin award with it.
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    Well, you're 20, (no offense) you come from a life that's NEVER known otherwise, which leads to your assumptions that someone has no one to talk to because they like being alone.Trying to explain a cellphone free life to you is like trying to explain algebra to some one who can't add and subtract.
    Ignorance is bliss, enjoy.
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    I didn't grow up rich or around rich people, I never had a cell phone until a little over a year ago and most of my peers will have a similar story. I may not know a world without cell phones, but I sure know life without them.

    My point is this person seems to be a holier-than-thou type and all his self-aggrandizing garbage makes it no surprise that he's not a social type of person. The whole thing screams "I'm better than you" and that's not the type of person I want to be friends with.
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    Valid point, but I bet it's sounds that way because of venting frustrations, giving him the benefit of the doubt that he's not like that TO people.
    You're either born social, or you're not, nothing wrong with either one, there's a place for everything under the sun.I can assure you the world was better before the ubiquitous wart-on-the-ear cellphone.I'm always surprised when I meet a 30-something, that has never handwritten a letter, sent it in the mail, and received a handwritten letter in return.Oh well, I'm old, and will always marvel at all the new gadgets everybody has to have, because everybody else has them.
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    In many ways i agree with the author but the above mentioned quote does sum up his physical social interaction with others.

    I for one can't live without my smart phone, not because of it's social media functionality, which i refuse to use, nor for the fact that anyone can contact me at any time, nor for the fact that i can access the internet, but, for the fact that i have a relatively compact portable camera with reasonable photo and video resolution.

    I am always using the camera as a magnifying glass when in the garage working away on projects, as well as taking photos of problem issues; sending them as MMS's to get someone else's opinion on the problem at hand.

    My smartphone also doubles up as a video camera when i make youtube video tutorials, even though it never seems to focus where i want it to focus, but for the most part it has so much functionality that it allows me to delete the need to purchase items that are not necessary, like a dedicated video camera and a dedicated still camera, of which these items are too bulky to carry in your pocket, so you never have them at your convenience; for that very moment you need to have them in your hand.

    In some ways the impressive functionality of my phone eliminates electronic clutter in my life.
    Ideally i am waiting for smart phones to become powerful enough to replace the PC computer and the notebook PC, so you can delete these items from your life by simply slipping your smart phone into a dock that's connected to a monitor and keyboard, thereby extending the functionality of the phone as a replacement for your PC, to eliminate another piece of electronic clutter in your life.
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    That smart phone dock idea is a good one, you should patent it before someone else does. Make everything wireless and I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
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    It can't be that far away where the functionality and processing power of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet will be in a form factor that can live within your smart phone, and logic would dictate that a 5" smart phone screen is too small for normal office operation, but it then becomes logical that this deficiency can be corrected by enabling WiFi keyboard and monitor connection/interface.

    Bingo, now we can all get rid of our PC boxes and the myriad of wires and cables running in every direction under the desk.

    Oh for the day when this happens, and ideally we can get rid of our hand held video cameras and still cameras.
    Just two devices: a 5" smart phone that does everything and a 10" tablet PC to better view video and photos.
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    That would be great, then a person can not only be tethered to a needless gadget, convincing themselves they NEED it, they can pay for every second of the day, even when not using it,... that will be just soooo great.
    There's some of us out here who still actually USE a PC, and NEED access to all the hardware and pesky wires.
    Cellphones are gizmos, you have convinced yourself they're needed, Butre can't know better but Fabian can.They were FIRST for those important enough to NEED them (if you are a doctor or have peoples life's in your hands, checking on the babysitter does not count) then for public use as an emergency tool.As Butre stated, everybody now thinks they are for talking to someone who isn't there, because all the inane blather coming from our mouths must now be relayed.It's Idiocracy fodder, and a status symbol, the same as a shiny car, caveman lowbrow stuff.
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    Oh, i forgot the other essential device: a 3D 100 inch, 200 hertz 4K laser TV that doubles as your computer monitor, which only makes for 4 devices in your home, if you include the printer.

    A docked smart-phone to replace your voluminous space consuming and power hungry PC that entraps your feet under the desk; sometimes taking hours to free yourself from the wire hydra, a proper TV that doubles as your computer monitor, a 10 inch tablet for convenient portable viewing of photos or video and a combination 3D and A2 printer/laminater.

    That's all you need.
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    If it takes you hours to free yourself from a home PC set-up, I'd say you have serious problems, little body strength, and are plagued with frequent fanciful flights into histronics.
    I run a full studio, I have PC's/reel to reel's/cassette-decks/rack-sets/multiple screens/arrays of footpedals/midi and audio patchbays, I turn it on and off, and walk away within seconds, and don't pay a monthly fee for the privilege (solar powered studio).
    You are telling me a home PC has more cables than a video or audio studio?You're saying all you need is a handheld gizmo for a full audio or video studio?You have a phone that has a bunch of crap that really accomplishes nothing, it's a toy, a gizmo.
    A couple of observances I've found that say it better:

    "Smartphones are toys, or perhaps ersatz-shrines one prays to and that can respond, giving contentment and comfort. A recent article in the International Herald Tribune underlined this: "Matt Rodgers ... led an Apple team that wrote software for iPods. He loved his job and working for Apple, he said. But he added: 'In essence, we were building toys. ...' "

    "They seem to be everywhere now. Adolescents and male adults show them around and compare them as if they were the greatest achievements of their lives. Most likely they are. Women do it too."

    "The worst thing about a man needing phone is it reeks of femininity"
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    :eek:o2ps: did someone mention histrionics and my name in the same sentence :cool2: and it just so happens that i have a bicycle trailer train comprising of 6 impressively well connected trailers.

    You haven't seen my PC's eye popping level of wire redundancy; with multitudes of shambolic cable bundles using a sizable air gap to powerboards and PCI cards.

    I don't own an iPhone, but i most certainly do own a Smart-Phone that works for it's living :D

    Wrong - iPhones are toys, and i don't own an iPhone.

    Confirms my above point about Apple products.

    Except those males who own and know how to use the impressive functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and window dressed S5.

    Women like shiny non functional objects. Women also like iPhones.

    Some men like iPhones. Real men have Smart-Phones
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    It's cool, in no way do I think I will sway anyone, as it is the new norm, but just because it's normal doesn't make it necessary (it's normal/average to be fat).You most definitely have more women-getting wile than I, but you have to admit that you have a bit of the material-girl in a material-world aire, I'm just thinking of your "eww icky" to camping, enough gadgets on your bike to make Pee-Wee gag, and detailed accounts of the pageantry of four-star hotels, that are also deemed "necessary" by you.
    Of course people/men/women like toys, most people also like shiny objects,... so do crows.Again, it's not necessary, mostly keepin' up with the Jonses.Saying an Iphone and any other of those androids/smartphones/whatever are different , is like saying a tangerine and a clementine are worlds apart.I'm just saying they're not necessary, 99% of the populace is not important enough to need a cellphone, and for 99% of the usage it may as well be a toy(youtube-creeping/facebook-time-killing/porn-searches/inane pics vids taking).I would also note that 90% of those with those useless things
    have/are complaining about not having enough $$.
    To each their own, I've never had one,... and never will.
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    Not true, but it does make me laugh, because each year that goes by it takes more effort and gets harder to pull off the impossible, but back in my younger days, like last year, it provided some memorable moments, back at their 4 star hotel, playing Scrabble and Uno and drinking decaffeinated coffee :devilish:


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    I like things of beauty, be it the human variety or mechanical variety or even just captivating art.

    I don't go anywhere unless i can have my one hour power shower with enough water flow to fill a swimming pool in 15 minutes. I need (at all times) to have a Gillette Mach 3 razor somewhere close by, and a bathroom to use it, and an ex-girlfriends phone number at hand (conveniently located in my Smart-Phone) should i feel the requirement to make a house call for a game of Scrabble or Uno or a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

    You can never have enough engine sensors and enough data to analyse and enough lights to blind incoming UFO's

    That's not me, but a perfect description of the wailing sounds made by my ex-girlfriends.
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    Sorry Johnny, that don't scream of XY.And you can keep the butterfaces.
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    Too much work to do it full time.
    A part time arrangement is a much more sensible idea.
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    Couldn't help myself.This is my paraphrased take on your "hydra, of wires it takes hours to untangle your self from".Replace the word "wires" with "bags".Think of the bag hutch as a symbolic "i-smart-droid-samsung-gizmo", that's about how seriously I consider them "needed"
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    I said the same thing just a few years ago.
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    That's you.I owned a Motorola analog bag-phone in the late 80's, the last phone I owned (not landline) was the last Ericcson with the little rubber exposed antenna, that was the mid 90's, I threw it away in 99'.Haven't own a cellphone since.So speak for yourself, I'll not be joining the collective.