Rocksolid Engines 70cc hp Engine, Shift Kit

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  1. atomichurley

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    Hey Guys, This build is my second bike engine kit build. i had problems with my first build with the engine and hated using the rear sprocket. so with this build i decided to make it decent.

    2010 Marin Bolinas Ridge 26" $500
    70cc Rock Solid Engines high performance stage 2 kit $500
    Sick Bike Parts Deluxe HD Shifter Kit $300

    Check out the pics and drop a comment of what you think about it


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  2. gothicguy64

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    i like u have a rse motor/bike

    its a 48cc hp 1 but with the extras to make it a hp 3
    sbp shift 2 an expansion .

    all u need now is the sbp expansion chamber then ur motor will come alive.

    also if u change the cluster to a 8spd 32-11 then u be able to go very fast .
    anaconda sell the clusters at 20 bux .
    i got a bike tool kit from cell bikes 30 bux
    oil is vavloline racin oil 10 bux supercheap 165ml per 5 lt
    tank is now a 3 lt black one

  3. atomichurley

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    hey i already have a 8 speed cluster and i'm still on run in tho so i haven't tested what this bike can do.
    when i'm done with run in i'm going to go with opti oil mixed at 100:1 (yeh its good oil $40 a lt from rse)
    i'm considering getting a sbp expansion chamber as i have heard alot of good review but i don't want any extra noise. How much more noisy are they?

  4. atomichurley

    atomichurley Member

    If anyone is interested in buying this bike please send me a private message
  5. They don't add too much extra noise. It mostly just sounds different.
  6. axel

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    sbp ex chambers

    Hi guys! Are you finding any particular length on the head pipe of the expansion chamber better in all around use? I have a grubee 66cc engine.
  7. atomichurley

    atomichurley Member

    bike not for sale atm gotta work out these jackshaft problems before i want to sell
  8. Irish John

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    What sort of carby is that? The float bowl is microscopic and the top half is totally different from the usual ones.
  9. Taffy

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    I've gotta ask:

    Where do you put your feet when the engine takes over your bike's pedals?
  10. atomichurley

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