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  1. blckwlfny1

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    Has anyone had any experience with the motors from "rocksolid"...are they worth the money?

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    my entire bike and motor are all rocksolid ..
    motor is a hp1 but made into a hp2 with billet head an inlet an clutch cover/arm ..
    motor was a stock skyhawk grubee 48cc silver ....
    but has tony,s magic an better guts ...

    i have to change plug its dne 3500 so far top of 64kmh .
    with 3 lt fuel on frame i get 180 km .
    only broke a cheep made throttle
    motor is fully allen bolt an loktited hasnt leaked nor have i touched the carby ..yet carb is a dellorto clone
    i can fine tune fuel an idle ..
    dearest same motor is in west oz ....

    :detective::detective: syd
  4. blckwlfny1

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    hows the low end torque?
  5. gothicguy64

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    when i had bike working i used to be able to spin rear wheel at lights from off an i pedalled 1/2 way across lights an dropped clutch an opened throttle .

    but im no drag racer
    im more than happy to beat any car or bus to 40kmh

    syd :helmet:
  6. Fabian

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    I know it's an old thread but in response to gothicguy64 and his claim that:

    quote: when i had bike working i used to be able to spin rear wheel at lights from off an i pedalled 1/2 way across lights an dropped clutch an opened throttle.

    Reading the above, i hopelessly tried to keep a mouthful of coffee within the borders of my lips, but failed, laughing so hard that the computer screen got sprayed; voiding my warranty.

    grrrr,,, now the monitor is having pixelation issues.
  7. darwin

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    So, should we be impressed? TY for your advice to a newbie to the forum.......fabian do teach us.
  8. Fabian

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    Oh my word we should be impressed, for it gives all of us hope that our little bicycle engines can have such astonishing power; the power to spin the rear; the power to smoke that tyre; the power to place fear in the hearts of every law abiding pedestrian as a motor bicyclist opens the throttle.
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    hey mate,
    my mate ordered a 50cc hp2 rock solid engine,he payed $352 ecl. postage,he only just started running it in tonight as he just finished building it up., it has great quality parts, dellorto carby is awsome, i reckon deffently worth the money and paying for quality for sure. hope this helps.
    will let you no how it goes mate.
    so far so good :)
  10. wbuttry

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    Heck if im gonna pay 352 dollars for a china girl motor. I' will walk first they all made in china using pot metal not any difference in any of them except the name. And the name dont make them run any better. It depends on how well you break them in and how good you are at replacing with quality hardware and thats it. I got a 49cc bgf motor i bought 3 yrs ago and it still runs. Thank you very much when u break them in. Dont gun them dont wot them add a little extra oil to gas. And after break in then use the amount of oil they require for break in as your normal amount . And remember these ARE NOT harleys they are
    PEDAL ASSIST MOTORS. And should be run as such and for 352 dollars you can find a good motor setup from dax or statton or if you are lucky find you a good used moped ...
  11. Jefro50cc

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    50cc HP Stage 2 Engine: Dellorto type flat slide racing carburettor, Inlet manifold porting, Exhaust porting & modifications, Billett alumium performance cylinder head, Accelerator cable to suite, MSD terminal, lead & boot, All bolts are replaced using high tensile Allen key type, Loctite 243 thread locker used, Clutch adjusted to ensure right setting, Carburettor fitted to manifold, Carburettor idle screw adjusted, individually stamped identification with engine builder & numbered for ID.

    There's nothing wrong for paying for quality.
  12. Jefro50cc

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    And my mates been talking to some one on here and they have had a rock solid engine stock 50cc, not hp2, an he was saying he has never touched his engine it's never missed a beat and has run fine for him Riding to work and bak everyday for two years.
  13. wbuttry

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    still a china girl no matter how you put it