Rod Bearing replace?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by geebt48cc, Dec 5, 2012.

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    After 750 miles, the original is still doing well. I still need to replace, but trying to get the best I can...............Does anyone know who has one? I just want to be careful and NOT replace it with one that is also made in China? (It's for 2010 Skyhawk 66cc.................)



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    Are you looking for the upper wrist pin or lower wrist pin bearings? I definitely recommend changing the upper bearings to a higher quality even on a brand new engine. If your looking for the upper wrist pin bearings its dimensions are 10x14x13 google that and check out what come up!
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    Needle time


    Good looking sight!~ Guess about 2 weeks ago I did get really nice needle wrist bearing from Japan. Also, I put on the PUCH head. It's about the same compression as my stock milled slant, but run much cooler.

    Have a great on............................


    PS- I'm sitting at 810 miles now on 2010 66 Sky, but just thinking if this engine will at least last another 810? Wonder what plug other than B6 from NGK would do even better on this head? I was told a cooler plug?

    Everything is very kept.

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    Nice! My engine ran MUCH cooler with that PUCH head also. I used the NGK B8HS and it seems to be give me some extra RPM's. Check it out.
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    Will do!!!!~ Hey, appreciate compliments. I'll try that B8..............

    See, where I live here in SW Va, the flat areas are harder to find. Torque is something I've become fixated with. Man, I've not gone with shift-kit yet, but do know that with a shift-kit, I wouldn't be as concerned with the torque stuff. Anyway, what do you think about iridium plug in that size?
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    Hmm.. I'm not sure if that would make THAT much of a difference. Maybe since the compression will be higher the iridium can offer some marginal performance gains. But that could be something next to check out on my list.