Rode bike to work on Naval Station Norfolk today.

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    Well i got all my ducks in a row and finally did it today. I woke up plenty early to make up for extra drive time and not wanting to get stuck in traffic. I was thinking base police would give me a hard time so i have all the local laws printed up along with the base instruction from the safety center. I did not want any reason to turn around. My new headlight worked like a champ. Once i got to the gate i was surprised they were all excited to see it. The officer asked if i had made it and i should sell them cause he would buy one. only if he knew the pain and agony along with dent in my pocket it took i think he would change his mind.:D

  2. That's awesome paparoach!, so do you think all naval stations go by the same regs? I work at naval air station north island Coronado, here in Cali! Man today was my first ride on my bike, passed by a black&white today she the officer looked at me or maybe it was towards the oncoming trafic? :sweatdrop: that was not as cool as reving it down a closed city street by our baseball park. A game was in session, and a bright sunny socal day.

    I wanted a chiller spot so I went close to my hood, 3 block's and cruised.
    yeah the build took two days! The day before last and we ended at 4ish today. My bro did a great job, had to custom fit the gastank but it works and that sucker ain't going nowhere!:devilish: but yeah its getting pricy too lol. But worth it.

    I bet all the heads were turning on base lol
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    Well done. Military police tend to err on the side of "NO!". That is a true accomplishment.
  4. Today I had to Work I wanted to ride my cruiser so I woke up a little extra early, geared up and took off. But one big obstacle in my way to work, is the Coronado bridge lol so I drove to the main bus stop was a little worried about trying to put my cruiser on that city bus bike rack. The sign posted said I'm liable for loss and or damage of my bike. Also said no tandem and or trikes. :helmet: lol didn't say motorized bikes! So I did get over the bridge and dropped off outside of base. The moment of truth I pedalled to the pedestrian entrance and the half asleep MP with a pizzed off look just waved me in while I flashed my Id.

    Lol no problems yet! Can't wait to get off work in about 45 mins. There's a annual lowrider show at the park back over the bridge and just a Few blocks from my home. And another beautiful sunny San Diego day!

    Happy cruising people!
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    Wow, You guys got some balls riding on base (You know, always that one tool out there that has to give You ****.) so I gotta give it to Ya-Goodstuff! Nice homework on the reg's too. Awesome.

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    Its a revolution. I hope everyone else that has been fearful of riding on Naval bases will read this thread and start there Bike up early in the morning and just do it. The worst thing they can say you have to peddle it. You can always carry the Safety Center instruction in your back pocket. Oh and Dave i was going to ask you if you lived on the island cause was wondering how you would get over that big *** bridge. That thing is a mountain.
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    Lucky - bus out here won't let us put them on because of the gas tank (in the event of a front end collision).
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    Same thing in the Phoenix area.
  9. nah I live Downtown, I take the bus that goes over the bridge, Havent had problems with any drivers, one suggested to switch my cruiser around so that the supports over the front wheel. I was pleased to know he was cool about it, Most of em are, Id say depending on the route they have, Coronado to imperial beach that route is nice. Havent road down imperial beach yet!

    there was a fatal crash months back so Im steering clear of that stretch of road.
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    I was stationed at Langley before moving to Hawaii. Great area to ride! I am civil service here, and still ride on base all the time. I have had a few accuse my bike of being a dirt bike, and then I show them the pedals. They treat it like a moped, and require all the safety gear, and I don't push it at all. (Pants, boots, long sleeves, gloves, and reflective vest with DOT helmet LOL!)