Rode for first time, intresting ?

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    After being about 1/2 way done, I decided to paint bike gloss White after reading what a poster said about your bike representing yourself, and your
    culture. Worcester Massachusetts was a haven for both beautiful, and cobbled together motorcycles. The really great choppers started out with white frames,
    their welds covered with lead, which was filed smooth, creating a seamless flow from tube to tube. After a long curing, the white was sanded to perfection, and a color coat applied. I was a Teenager when I first saw one,
    was in a bus, stopped at a light, got a great view, and got hooked.

    I filled the welds, including ones I made, to replicate that Worcester look,
    using JB Weld over cured primer. The paint job took a couple months, and is
    a far cry from the Worcester Beauties of my youth, but it's not bad.

    Had to make a decision, gas up, try out, or oil cylinder for use in the Spring.
    Wound up gassing up, went for a few figure 8's around the parking lot and
    formed a few impressions, the 80cc Grubee is fast, but not powerful, even with a 48 tooth Live Fast Sprocket, the lack of torque is obvious.
    Plan to use Bike as a ' fun thing ' , my goal is to build Motorbikes as
    Safe as Motorcycles. Will forward some photos in future.