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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MrBlack98, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. MrBlack98

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    Hey guys, new here, quick question.

    I'm looking at getting a Honda GX35 or a Subaru 4 stroke. Love the idea of a simple two stroke, I just have no idea how to begin to take an engine apart for maintenance. Anyway, They are all pull starts, is it possible to be riding and start the engine while rolling, like you can with a 2 stroke?

    One more question, could you reccomend a site to buy a kit from, for the chains sprockets etc? (I don't think I want a friction drive, due to tire wear.)


  2. MrBlack98

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    Bump somebody? Also thinking about getting it from golden eagle bike engines, they just seem to be on the steep end.
  3. professor

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    The 2 stroke kits are designed to start that way. Other set-ups use a centrifugal clutch that freewheels when the engine is off. Start searching about anything you want. Golden eagle has a good rep. from what I remember having read here.
    If you buy a kit, the kit has everything you need to get it to work.

    Make sure your bike can stop. Meaning it will have brakes on both ends- preferrably V brakes or equivalant.
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    Check out dimension edge. Their shift on the fly system starts in about 6 rolling feet.