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  1. Speedy Vasiles

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    Hi there,

    I'am new to this forum and I need to post my first thread. Please help!... I am building my first motorised bike in 3 months. I want to know if the roller needs to be a special diameter for more power and quicker results. I'am going to use a old wipper snipper motor for my bike. Can you purchase a roller in store or will it be easyer to make one yourself. By the way do I need to make another accereator handle below my brakes or can I disconnect my back brakes for my accereator handle and use my front brakes only.:confused:
    Please Help!!!!!

    Best Regards Ben

  2. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Bigger the roller say 1 1/2in you'll get more speed/less torque, smaller roller 1in you'll get more torque less speed.
  3. Speedy Vasiles

    Speedy Vasiles New Member

    Ok thanks for your help. If you know can you buy the roller from the shop or will it be easyer to make one yourself by hand but anyway thanks..:eek::helmet: