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    So I am a huge rolling stones fan and for my first build decided to do a black cruiser with red rims white wall tires and adding some rolling stones stickers to give it a Rolling Stones theme.

    I started out with an old bike a friend game to me. Beach cruiser with 80cc Skyhawk motor.
    View attachment 52594

    Took it all apart...
    View attachment 52598

    Sanded down the horrible color on the frame that my buddy just spray painted over..
    View attachment 52597

    Painted it the flat black color I wanted :tt1:
    View attachment 52595

    Took out the old wheels and got some new ones with 12g spokes that my bike shop was able to get for me in 24 hours. and of course used come steel wool to spruce up the whilte walls :cool:

    View attachment 52596 (these are the old ones with dirty white walls)

    View attachment 52599 Here she is with no motor....
    I also added a new sprocket to the new wheel with a couple of more teeth then the old one. New handle bars also. (BTW how hard is it to drill a hole into the handle bars?)

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    View attachment 52594 Here she is with the motor.

    I actually ran into a couple of issues, one being the clutch which I started a post for in technical and troubleshooting (!-!-! )

    The other is that since the new sprocket has extra teeth the chain is so incredibly tight that it makes a rough sound when I'm peddling and if I let go of the clutch it slows down abruptly.

    The chain is super thick and tough and my chain tool will not break it and I am not sure how I could add more chain. Do I just have to buy a new longer chain? if so how thick should be good enough? like, if I go to a bike shop what size chain do I ask for?? Help!!:ack2:
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    I know how it is when you get involved in a motorbike build. "Wild horses couldn't drag me away".
  4. wheelbender6

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    I guess you had no choice but to "paint it black".
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    Definitely, "I go wild" for those sportster bobber motorcycles. I figured it would be fun to do some "dirty work" on this one and "let it loose" with that look.

    Its been a bit frustrating getting it to work right, I'm honestly about to have my "19th nervous breakdown"

    I ordered some new parts that I am waiting for in the mail so I'm going to give it "one more shot" and if I can't get it to work right ill have to go "back to zero" with a brand new motor.

    "you can't always get what you want" but I won't stop until I have the "luxury" of riding down the "moonlight mile" getting my "rocks off" on my build! :grin5:
  6. wheelbender6

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    Tractor Supply Co stores sell a no. 41 chain breaker that works well on the kit chains. On many occasions, I felt the need for some "Mother's little helpers" to help me finish my motorbike.
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    I gotta say it was definitely a frustrating process but I finally got it done and running reliably.

    I had to order an engine repair kit from a website and added new CDI, stock carb (the CNS one I had previously purchased was almost impossible to get a flush seal with the intake and the idle screw fell off while riding) new throttle and clutch cable and lever.

    I also took out the beach cruiser handle bars and added some new ones that fit the look I was going for a little better.

    I have a banana seat I want to use with it because I want the seat to be as flush as possible with the back tire but I cannot find a sissy bar that fits the look I'm going for.

    I am posting from my phone right now but will try to post a picture of the bike later :)
  8. RollingStones

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    So this is what its looking like so far. Im super happy with the outcome.


    I had an old mountain bike seat on there that was kiiiiilling me, my tail bone was literally hurting all day because all I've been doing is riding this thing. My car is super jealous :rolleyes7: so I went out and bought a cheap walmart seat


    Also got this wireless speedometer at my local shop


    here is how it attached to the rim. Super easy and fast to set up.


    I actually have a banana seat which is what I want to use eventually but haven't been able to find a sissy bar exactly like I want. I want the seat to be almost flush with the back tire exactly like the example below:
    Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 6.58.32 PM.png

    Any feedback or help is greatly appreciated!! :)
  9. typtohe

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    came out looking NICE!!!! How are those brakes? Are they good on the stop?
  10. RollingStones

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    Not really, I have to figure out a better break system that doesn't involve getting new wheels with a disk break. I have to move across the country in July and don't want to throw more money into the bike unless I absolutely have to.

    The breaks suck but they will do until I figure out a cheap alternative :/
  11. KCvale

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    Well, from the pics it looks like you didn't put the coaster brake arm back on which is essential to keep your back wheel from coming apart.

    It also looks like you have 2 hand brakes but only one is hooked up.
    This is why you can't stop.

    My feedback advice is:
    Pull the back wheel off and put the coaster brake arm back on and attach it to the fame.
    Buy a $10 dual pull self adjusting brake lever
    and mount it on the right behind the throttle with both rim brakes hooked to it.

    In the end you have 3 brakes and a back wheel that won't self destruct because it was installed wrong.
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    Rolling Stones

    Wow nice bike. After reading all your threads I can honestly say your mood swings are giving me whiplash. Relax take a break, have a beer or whatever when your mindset is better then go back to it. The whole idea of a motorized bike is FUN :sunny: at least that's why I'm building my first one. The amazing FUN factor. I've been working on my first build now for two weeks, geez I'm so glad I don't have those mood swings and am extremely patient. If it takes me another month before I even start it that's ok. It's not the destination that's important, it's the journey!
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    Patience has never been my virtue haha I'll try to mellow out a bit :devilish:
  14. RollingStones

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    I've never had a coaster break, this bike used to be a gear bike.

    One of those breaks is the clutch, I have no front break to set up. I do plan on buying a dual lever soon though.
  15. typtohe

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    I'm somewhat at this point (still in the midst of build). Although I ONLY have my rear brake calipers (I took out the old cassette and swapped it out for a freewheel). As for the front, I am putting in a bent springer fork (the original fork was ... compromised by a bat via a friends ex) . With that being said ... my brake system will be VERY ... horrible won't it?
    My original intention was (still is) to put in the harmony disc brake adapter and then DIY my own mountain bike like brake kit.
  16. RollingStones

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    Yea, though I have no personal experience with disc brakes. They seem to be the most reliable kind. I was eventually able to find some good brake pads and add a front and back pull brake and it worked just fine.

    Only issue was having to replace the brake pads a little more often then id like. Also since I painted everything on the bike myself the pads started to rub off the paint on the rims.