Ronin/Subaru on 3 speed?

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  1. Oarsman41

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    Hi all
    I am thinking of putting a Robin/Sabaru 35cc on my Trek Cruisliner 3 speed.....and noticed they don't recommend placement on a geared axle.:cuss:
    Anyone have any experience connecting to a 3 sppd axle, since the motor drives the wheel why would it matter what the axle is?

  2. bamabikeguy

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    I tried once, forced it to work, but was not happy (though the customer was).

    For a GEBE, the internal hub, (looking at it from the rear-the chain side), has a mounting problem due to the way its connected to the shifter. And the width of the frame was narrower than the 7 speed, which has a nearly identical frame.

    7 speeds, on most kits, is the minimum way to go, for the brakes and for the hill climbing requirements.
  3. augidog

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    this one (older shimano 3-speed) was a breeze, and it's functioning just can come on by (vernon & 282, south end of r st.) and have a look...bring the bicycle if you want, we'll check it for fit :)

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  4. Oarsman41

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    Thanks Augidog for the info. I think we've met a time or two...I've seen you and your bike around town. I'm at 27525 Q Lane, stop by some time. I'll ride over and let you take a look at the bike.
  5. augidog

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    no way! i bet ya can hear my T40 from there...i was just getting ready to test-ride a carburetor adjustment, gonna buzz by and see if i see anything...
  6. augidog

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    i met a couple nice folks tonite, and a lil' dog that rides in the back...can you say "front-drive?"

    more riders, more better... :cool:
  7. vegaspaddy

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    can you believe it....

    Oarsman41 you live right in the middle of the coolest MB community on the planet right NOW !!!! i envy you...