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Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by 2stroker, May 4, 2012.

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  1. 2stroker

    2stroker New Member

    I gotta rookie cop in my town that swears my frictionDrive is illegal everytime i pass him he pulls me over and we argue for about 30mins until i get him to read the law and everytime he tells me im gonna find something wrong with this..Its like go bust someone dealin dope or stealing ya know im just trying to get to work. Im guessing he never learned how to ride a bike or something cause he's gotta hot spot for motorized bikes!@

  2. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    There is a cop like that in every town, sadly.
  3. Mikkojay

    Mikkojay New Member

    I have a friend who is a cop in my city, and luckily he represents the other end of the spectrum. They are just people, and as we all know- people come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of intelligence. Its unfortunate that the bad ones give cops a bad rep as a whole.
  4. Gene

    Gene Member

    He is probably Zimmerman's Cousin
  5. 2stroker

    2stroker New Member

    ya my uncle is the captain for the police force..there is a thorn on every rose!
  6. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    If you're actually pulling up your local statutes and showing them to him, you can file a harassment complaint against the officer. My advice to you have the statues to show to his supervisor when filing the complaint. It would be in your best interest to be a 100% in compliance when you show them your bike.

    Florida is really getting tough on motorized bicycles. You can either build electric or meet the requirements of a moped. (50 cc or less, no manual clutching, engine's drive system can't shift gears, must have peddles). You can lookup Florida's moped laws and it'll tell you these things.
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  7. matman55

    matman55 New Member

    unfortunally there are two kinds of cops pigs!
    2. and officers who are professional and uphold the law(and dont uphold fake rules they make up)
  8. MikeJ

    MikeJ Member

    Hey Matman -

    Control yourself. Some police officers may be difficult to get along with; most are lenient towards our hobby. This forum recgonizes that and most of us do what is necessary to not rile them, even if some of us are not compliant with the law. I have yet to have problems with any law enforcement officer. And many have seen me riding on the road.

    Name calling and insults to anyone are improper and not tolerated in this forum. Take that elsewhere. Comments about bicycle building and riding are welcomed topics.

  9. fishhead

    fishhead New Member

    Friction drive - cops

    They hassel you because it IS ILLEGAL !
  10. matman55

    matman55 New Member

    care to explain?im new to laws and stuff like that so any info would be great!
  11. fishhead

    fishhead New Member


    Got pulled over on 520 in Cocoa by the state po po.
    Told the state policeman " I have a printout of the laws in my backpack sir - you are wrong "
    Police - " If you go into your backpack I will handcuff you and lock you up "

    Ticket - no registration
    Ticket - riding on the bike lane

    Court - Guilty, but they dropped riding in the bike lane.

    Be aware that in the laws "Motor" refers (means) ELECTRIC !
    Be aware means BEWARE
    Ghost pedal if you do ride and kill it when seen.
    If you are only 15, they will get you for no licence too !
    Good luck outlaws
    Ride on
  12. reb1

    reb1 Member

    I live in California and will be setting up an electric bicycle. I spotted an officer giving a girl with an electric assist a line of huey a few months ago. It seems that some of these police types believe fully operational pedals means you need to be spinning them all of the time. If you are not than they feel it is there job to put a cattle prod up your yang. The other problem is most of them can only rember the first letter of the alphabet. CA VC 406 A refers to motorized with gas or electric without fully operational pedals and 406 B refers to electric with fully operational pedals. The first time on of them pulls this line on me I will contact the state atorneys office and the ADA to help educate them. I am capable and quite willing to have them explain there feigned illiterate problem in court. Many police have well honed selective listening and reasoning skills. This makes them very poor historians in court. You should get a video camera and velcro it to the side of your helmet or head.
  13. Gene

    Gene Member

    Hey Mike the rules about insults directed towards individuals on this forum is one thing, however a general comment by a member how they feel about some anonymous police officers is not a violation of any rule I have read here. Personally I find you insulting for trying to limit our right to express our feelings about law enforcement officials we may come into contact with that abuse their position or power. Please take your control issues somewhere else.
  14. matman55

    matman55 New Member

    Lets no try to futher incourage all those idiots who are RUINING MOTORIZED BICYCLING!!!!!!!!!it makes me so mad when people think there cool just cause there being "outlaws". thousands of people nationwide rely on these bikes for transpotation when a car just isnt a option!!!motorized bicycling is worth perseving and protecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Dealing with cops is not really difficult. The secret is simple - stay calm, be coherent and respectful, and if stopped advise the officer that you are recording the conversation for your own protection - and do just that. Pocket sized digital recorders are dirt cheap, and so long as you advise the officer that you are recording they cannot order you not to, and the recording will be admissible in court. If you are in Texas, you do not even need to advise them that you are recording, and it will still be admissible in court.

    Know your local laws and comply with them. In most states engines must be 50 cc or smaller, in Oregon the legal limit is 35 cc or smaller. In every single state the power loop cannot contain a manual shifting apparatus of any kind, and many states forbid manual clutches. Virtually all states set maximum powered speeds on level ground - if you are exceeding that speed you are in violation.

    Heck, a kid in California got a speeding ticket 30 years ago - on a skateboard! He was doing nearly 70 in a 55 mph zone in the mountains north of Los Angeles. I know about it because he is my cousin - he still has the ticket, framed.
  16. 2stroker

    2stroker New Member

    Friction Drive kits are definatly not illegal. They were the only legal bike kits that you could ride. They just recently in the past few years made chain drive kits legal. I have talked about this to many cops and 99% of them have told me that they are 100% legal. They are motor assisted not motorized theres a big difference. Motorized is chains, belts gears. Motor assisted is friction drive. A small wheel sits on the bike tire and spins. The small me wheel spins the big wheel using friction.
  17. matman55

    matman55 New Member

    * true *

    * not true, if i put a 10t chain ring sproket on my weed eater and run it to a 44t cog its still a chain and its still motor assisted.same goes for kits on the internet,that motor cant fully pull my total weight without some peddling here and there.*

  18. 2stroker

    2stroker New Member

    I have heard alot about them being illegal and being legal. I have talked to alot of officers that have agreed with me about the kits being legal. I have talked to officers who have told me they are illegal. I have never been ticketed or taken jail for riding a motorized bike. I have had few cops argue with me about. I have them look up the state laws and read it with them and they all have concluded at the end of our conversation that i was correct and they were legal. I have heard of people getting a ticket and losing in court over it. I guess its all how you present your self to an officer and if you treat em with respect and talk with them and not argue it usually ends off on a good note.
    I think that doing some research on a topic before you post or reply to a post would save alot of wasted time. Statue 316.003. Check it out. You have to read the entire laws on the bikes because some parts do conflict with others and it is confusing. I had to read it a few times with officers to get them to understand.
  19. sp454e

    sp454e Member

    i live in laughlin, nevada i have been riding my bike for year now. got pulled over. metro was real with me. he clocked me at 29 mph. he said anything faster then 30 i would have to take it to dmv. please be cool with the cops you will never know witch one will go for office and make law change for motorize bikes
  20. 2stroker

    2stroker New Member

    Im always cool with the cops. If you treat them like **** there gonna treat you like ****. I dont understand why your telling me to be cool with them. I usually end up laughing with them by the time its all said and done with. Theres always that one cop that doesn't understand the bike laws and i gotta take him through the book. I found that if you treat them with respect they usually treat you with respect!
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