ROUND GAS TANKS -- For sale.

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    I tried a pair of Bunton tanks on my Workman early on, couldn't stop brand new vented caps from leaking fuel. There ok on a lawnmower but on a hill with potholes is another thing. Maybe with the right cap.

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    Many times that problem can be corrected by forming a new cap gasket & making a tiny vent hole over to one side, rather than the center.
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    A friend of mine has been thinking about making a gas tank out of an old propane cylinder like this He wants it to lay sideways in front of the handle bars. The gas cap would be mounted on the side (which will be the top). I think it would look a lot like these tanks. Personally I don't think it would look that good but I prefer clean looking bikes and he prefers rusty rat bikes so these tanks would totally fit his style.
  5. KCvale

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    Anyone ever find a supplier of behind the seat cylinder gas tanks that attach to the bottom of the seat or seat post?
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    Where do you find parts for the drive shafts? I want to use a Honda GX200 for my next project, but I cant find simple parts.... lol I want to do a sheave drive similar to your build. Thanks for any help.
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member is a great source for 4 stroke builds.
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    I really like the look of those round tanks!
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    Back to the subject I found a place that makes nice custom and pre-fab Aluminum gas tanks.

    Coyote Tanks in AZ

    I had them fab me one with brackets to mount it to to the seat bolts and used the spare rag joint metal semi circle pieces as the braces.




    ~$120 delivered for the tank which was custom, I had them offset the filler and put on mounting tabs the width of the seat post bolts.

    The bike is a rare Fleetwood Cadillac with a NuVinci N170S disc hub and new springer front fork and handlebars, Jackshafted 2010 66cc Skyhawk and SBP X-chamber.

    The tank made the bike I think ;-}
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    Nice tank, a lil too close to me bum though........i'd be a nervous wreck riding around with it that close.