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  1. Chuck L

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    Does anybody know who sells the round head 48cc kits and is there such thing as a round head 80cc
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  2. hotrodlincoln

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    round head motors

    I just came across your post for round head motors I just got mine in the mail yesterday I got mine from simpson motorbikes. Mike is good about answering any questions you might have. I did quite a bit of research on these before deciding in the round head from what I have been told they are better quality castings than the cheapo ones and therefore are more powerful. you do Have to pay a premium, $300.00. Can't wait to get mine in and take it for a spin.
    Here's the link
    Good luck, Hotrordlincoln
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    Chuck, I would check out the seller RAW on ebay. He is the only one I know of still selling those durable round head engines. Good Luck
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    so what are the advantages to a round head
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    that Mike Simpson fellow

    I have never bought anything from Mike
    but - have talked to him on the phone a couple of times


    even to one's who just need many answers to serveral questions

    that's what Mountainman calls a GOOD BUSINESS MAN

    ride that MB thing

    RATRODER Guest

    It is funny that you mentioned RAW,He was a menber on this forum,but when he told us of his planes to sell these engines the EPA wolfs ate him alive! louis
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    Ah yes, I remember....sad.
  8. BSA

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    yeah, im still p*ssed off about that.