Route 66 Ride

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    Is there any interest in a partial Route 66 ride?, The start would be Route 66 Park in Oklahoma City,and head west......

    The dates would be the week before Memorial Day.

    Meet up would be the Sat at noon (give folks time to drive in from ....whereever)

    Ride Route 66 pre-1937, (up thru Santa Fe) ride till Sat noon/night, giving time to drive back home the sun and Memorial Day.

    Accommodations would be camping or cabins at KOA's and various other campgrounds. This would be a self sustained trip, be prepared to carry or purchase all you need.

    Daily mileage would be 150 to 200, sag wagon MIGHT be possible. But transportation to the starting point and return is the responsibility of the rider.

    Daily pre-ride briefings on route, map, distance and points of interest.

    If anyone is interested message me and comment here below.....
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