Routing the clutch cable.

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    In reference to my post on the fabricated clutch bracket I made, I was asked if I'd do a step by step hands on type of post. In the first picture you will see how the manufacture calls for routing the cable. If this is already done, remove the screw at "A". The OEM screw is a Phillips head screw, I choose to change mine to a Allen head set screw, and pull it off the cable. This will go back on just as how you removed it, just in reverse.. "B" Will not be removed, you can use this plug and remove to add a little grease to lube the drive gear shaft periodically if you desire. "C" will be removed and saved for bracket use. Once this is done pull the cable out and away from the engine at point "D".

    The second picture shows the cable routing for instillation. "B" is the 6mm nut I brazed onto the bracket. "A" is the piece ("C") that was removed from the engine in the above paragraph. "C" is the roller that was installed.

    I'll get the pictures up in a few minutes.

    Now the cable housing might have to be shortened. To do this, pull onto the housing (from the handle toward the engine), and slide the cable up the housing, (You don't have to remove the housing from the cable..just pull until the ends meet and then another few inches or so enough as not to cut both of them)

    Now to install the cable...thread cable into guide at "A", and come out through the end at the nut "B". Thread cable through the clutch arm, hold in place and loop the cable onto the roller. Slide brass cable clamp and tighten the screw to secure cable clamp. Test and adjust clutch as necessary.

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