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    Well it all started with a couple of beers and 26" Micargi Rover GX sitting in my garage. A buddy and I were looking at the bike and talking about the good old days of mini bikes. Well that let to this website and a half-baked idea to put a motor on the bike. Nether he or I have been in the hospital lately so we figured we could risk a few body parts in the name of the project. First after reading the forums here, I decided to get the 80 cc frame mounted motor from Spooky Tooth for the bike. Shortly the box arrived and the keg of beer was in the garage ready for the inaugural start of our man project. It seems that most women do not understand the need for guys to get in a garage and sit on buckets and drink beer and break stuff and then spend all day trying to fix what they broke. On our project bike that is pretty much, the way it went the first day. Actually after we broke down and read the instructions (I hate to admit it) things went a bit faster. The main issues we had were my bike has much larger frame tubes than the motor fit. So that meant a lot of fabricating of the gas tank mounts and motor mounts. Once we had those hurdles crossed, we seemed to take two steps forward then one-step backwards below is a list all the stuff we had to address so far.
    Modify the rear frame to take the sprocket and clear the chain
    Off set the rear wheel to allow for drive clearance
    Cut rear fender to clear the chain
    Shave rear coaster brake to fit
    Shorten engine chain guard
    Fabricate new motor mount for larger frame housing
    Add bend to muffler to clear frame
    Repack front and rear wheel bearings they were getting too hot due to speed
    Locktite all bolts after they fell off while riding it
    Make new gas tank mount for accommodate wide top tube
    Add additional brakes

    I know I have gone on, but there are a few warnings as you all have stated. You need more brake than the coaster brake will provide. I also had the master link pin fall off the chain. So make sure you check that, if it was while riding that could have been very bad.
    I must say this has been fun so far and the bike will do about 30 MPH so no complaints just you have to adjust as the bike was made to do 12 MPH. Oh yea and the white wire was the kill wire on this motor.

    So far no injuries and wow is it fast.

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    could we get an intro post
    it's forum policy (let's us know who you are and what you do/don't know)
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    You invested a lot of work in that first build. I admire you stick-to-itness. I used an old huffy single speed for mine and promptly killed it with the extra stresses.
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    ride update with problems

    Today I took my longest ride on it, about five miles. The sproket vibrated off and the tune pipe hit the road. I ended up walking back home with the bike. I have some problem with the clutch or rear wheel as it is dragging. I havent figured out what is going on yet. The clutch seems to be freewheeling but you can not peddel the bike. I am thinking it is in the bikes drive line itself. Let me know if you all have any issues like this or solutions.
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    I meant to say the bikes chain guard not the sproket, and yes I have more locktite on parts than you can believe.