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    Reading thru many posts past and present I read things like "my engine revs to 6500 rpm" other posts say" "at 3000 rpm my bike begins to sputter" these are just a couple of examples of many similar posts..Now my question is how are these guys measuring their RPMs? If they are using a tachometer how is it hooked up? will attaching a tach to the blue wire give you rpm readings?

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    they have a wire attached to the spark plug wire.
  3. what kind of tach do they use,thanks....Phat
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    go to search-tach.
  5. HI,

    My Dax 70 will pull to 6400 RPM and maybe more but I don't push it that far because at 6400 it sounds "rattly" ...I run a Sen Dec Fastach ....pickup is a wire wrapped around the plug wire.

    Hope this helps you.

  6. Thank you...Phat
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    Im working on converting a digital speedo into a tach. I'm about half way there, using a $10 Schwinn speedo from Walmart. I expect it will require just the speedo and very few other components. I'll post a design thread once it's done and working.