RS-68 Selling Stuff?

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  1. Bonefish

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    Just wondering what most of the people in Florida are doing now that the RS-68 Law is in effect? Are you selling your stuff, or complying with the new law? Thanks

  2. boyntonstu

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    Not selling, not worrying.
  3. Bonefish

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    I've been pulled over twice before the RS-68 law and both officers just told me to pedal it. That is before I had a car. Now I have a car, I don't see the sense in having a MB if you have to tag, register, and put lights on it. I would rather just buy a honda ruckus if you have to register and tag them now. So I'm selling my MB stuff.
  4. darwin

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    If CO was that tough I'd go electric. You can buy a quality brand scooter for decent price used too.
  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    You can build a quality new electric bicycle for under $2K, under $1K if you sacrifice on the battery capacitance.
  6. boyntonstu

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    The Motor Vehicle in Florida are bureaucratic priqs. You cannot register a MB unless you can show receipts, have front light, tail light, and turn signals.

    This video shows a proud owner who registered:

    OTOH There are horror stories as well.
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  7. Bonefish

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    Electric is too new. You are paying too much for the technology and you don't get the range. So the majority is just taking a risk? I don't have the receipts for my bicycles purchase. I might just keep it though. If I go up to the N.C. mountains this summer, I might take it with me and ride up there tag/registration free.
  8. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    I think if you find the right person on here you might be able to come up with some receipts. Turn signal, lights are cheap and run off of 2 c batts. Ebay grasshopper.
  9. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    Do you want a Criminal lawyer, or a criminal lawyer? (Breaking Bad)
  10. KCvale

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    And Florida's Governor, another Bush, wants to run the whole free world as President like he has Florida?
    John Stewart of the Daily Show has more fun with your state than even Arizona's odd ball off-the-wall legislature actions.
  11. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    Does Kansas have a slave tax err income tax?
  12. Specialx

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    I don't think electric bikes are all that new or expensive...
    My electric bike cost about $1,000 (home made) and gives me a 60 mile range...

    Thats, not too shabby if you ask me.
    Ok, so it's double the price of a gas bike BUT, no license, registration or government involvement, etc needed to ride one legally...
    and you don't have to pay for gas.. Electric is much cheaper, in the long run...
  13. Bonefish

    Bonefish Member

    I would rather buy a honda ruckus.
  14. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I dunno... there is something eloquently simplistic about an E-bike, I haven't parted with this one yet.


    It doesn't get ridden much as there is usually something in the shop that needs test riding but it get's used, hard not to with a kilowatt to a 7-speed ;-}
  15. Bonefish

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    Some of these electric bikes are faster than gas. Like the stealth bomber. I don't understand why they do not fall under the rs-68 law. Quiet is what it is in Fl.
  16. Specialx

    Specialx Member

    Stealth Bomber and the like are characterized as Motorcycles..
    (Registration, titling and insurance required for on-road use.)

    They don't fall under the electric bicycle laws for the pure fact that they are capable of faster than 20mph (and 30mph-moped) speeds.
  17. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    Legal Definitions May Allow you to ride unregistered.

    The 2 key words are "Transportation" and "Carrier".

    The 2014 Florida Statutes

    Title XXIII

    Chapter 320

    View Entire Chapter
    320.01 Definitions, general.—As used in the Florida Statutes, except as otherwise provided, the term:
    (1) “Motor vehicle” means:
    (a) An automobile, motorcycle, truck, trailer, semitrailer, truck tractor and semitrailer combination, or any other vehicle operated on the roads of this state, used to transport persons or property, and propelled by power other than muscular power, but the term does not include traction engines, road rollers, special mobile equipment as defined in s. 316.003(48), vehicles that run only upon a track, bicycles, swamp buggies, or mopeds.

    If it does not transport, it is not a “Motor vehicle”. Not my opinion, the legal definition.

    (32) “Motor carrier” means any person owning, controlling, operating, or managing any motor vehicle used to transport persons or property over any public highway.

    What does "Carrier" mean?


    n. in general, any person or business which transports property or people by any means of conveyance (truck, auto, taxi, bus, airplane, railroad, ship), almost always for a charge. The carrier is the transportation system and not the owner or operator of the system. There are two types of carriers: common carrier (in the regular business or a public utility of transportation) and a private carrier (a party not in the business, but agrees to make a delivery or carry a passenger in a specific instance). Regular transportation systems are regulated by states and by the Interstate Commerce Commission if they cross state lines. (See: common carrier, private carrier)

    Are you a "Carrier" on your MB who transports property or people for a charge?

    If not, your MB is not a "Motor Vehicle".

    Again, not my opinion, just the words as stated.
  18. Timbone

    Timbone Active Member

    Critical Mass!
  19. Specialx

    Specialx Member

    What are you talking about?
    I think I know what you're trying to say, BUT the problem comes from FS-322.01 in the Drivers licensing section and not 320.01

    I see where the confusion is, because in 320.01 they EXCLUDE a "moped" but in 322.01 they don't.

    It was opined by a previous Attorney General that although 320 excludes mopeds, 322 does NOT, and therefore you are required to have a drivers license to drive a "moped".
    He also was aware that there was a seemingly contradictory set of facts and that it should be "fixed" in the future.

    However that has not happened yet.
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  20. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    Try this: Exclude anything with wheels.

    Now consider just one thing; Vehicle, any and all vehicles.

    We will add any item to the list of "vehicles" if it follows the law and it is used for transportation.

    A bicycle powered by a human that is used to carry messages for payment, should be considered a vehicle, however since it was specifically excluded, we cannot.

    Now a 100 hp motorcycle. Is it used for profit? If so, it is a vehicle. If not, ACCORDING TO THE LAW, it is not a vehicle and no registration or Drivers license is required,

    Listen to the lawyer B.S. at the end of the video.

    No evidence? No license, no license plate, no insurance. You believe that there was no evidence?

    Start this video at 0:50

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