For Sale RS EOH35 Stanton chain drive 95% kit

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    For sale is a nearly complete Stanton chain drive kit that I was putting together for a Dahon folding 20” bike build.

    This set of parts includes:

    Robin Subaru EHO35 33.5 cc 1.60 hp Four Cycle Engine
    Stanton 18.75:1 gearbox, outside drive, with 14 tooth sprocket

    The engine and gearbox are slightly used, with less than one hour run time on them.

    The following parts are all brand new, never been used:

    28-spoke Stanton hub with left- and right-hand threads
    16 tooth left-hand freewheel
    17-tooth sprocket for the Stanton gearbox
    KMC drive chain with master link
    Twist-grip throttle and cable for the Robin Subaru engine with matching dummy grip
    Four 3/8-16 x 4" Thumb Screws, zinc plated, drilled with 3/8" hole, with nuts

    Only a few engine mounting parts are needed to make this a complete kit (I was intending to fabricate my own). However, these parts are readily available from Stanton for a modest cost.

    A complete kit from Stanton currently sells for $549 plus an additional $17.95 for the upgrade twist-grip throttle and shipping. I’ll sell this 95% complete kit for $449 plus actual shipping cost. Even if you purchase the few mounting parts needed to complete this kit, you can still realize a substantial savings.

    As I stated, I put this kit together for use on a Dahon folding 20” bicycle, but in the end I decided to go another way. I purchased the motor and gearbox used, but never ran either. The engine was drained of oil for shipping and I did not fill it. The previous seller stated that the motor and gearbox were both in good working order. I offer a money-back guarantee (less shipping) if this is not the case.

    I am offering the complete set of parts only for sale at this time.

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    Still have this for sale. Make me an offer.