Rubber and vibration

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by fatboy67, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. fatboy67

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    Hi all,
    Has anyone had much success with putting rubber between the frame and the engine mounts???????, and after was it worth doing??????
    I'm thinking of doing this to mine as I want to ease some of the vibration. My bike doesn't vibrate to bad it's more noticeable on a longer ride. I ride mine to work every day which is only 15mins each way. I took it for a 45 min ride to a friends house and when I got there my feet were zzzzinging for a while. At times I was pushing it a bit on the way there. I have stuck some rubber on the clutch outer casing, and will be putting some in the fins on the motor, but I think the engine mounts would be the hot spot. I have some 3mm thick rubber thinking using that..

  2. HoughMade

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    I made rubber mounts for my 4 stroke, but I do not know what it does for a 2 stroke.
  3. sparky

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    rubber or leather inserts would be nice for any folk's stroke.
  4. justin

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    I used inner tube rubber for my mounts. It still vibrates, but I think it's more of a buzz than a shake now. I also switched frames, so that might have something to do with it, but I would definitely do it again. A little differently perhaps (It's kinda shoddy looking), but for sure. Also, I have noticed that my nuts/bolts haven't been shaking loose anymore since. Was having problems before (I know, I know, LOCKTITE, but i'm lazy! Why else would I put a motor on a bicycle? :).
  5. graucho

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    Interesting, leather. I may have to switch to this since my engine keeps shifting ever so slightly over time with the old innertube mount. Thanks
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    I cut 4 small slips of leather from an old belt and used those. Works great. My bike is smooth and no motor mount bolt loosening.

    And thanks to Qauy. She's the one who mentioned the idea to me.