Rubber under the motor mounts yes or no.

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  1. sourapplesfarm

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    Hi everone. Well here is another motor mount question. This is my first build and I'm using a Schwinn Del Mar. I have read every motor mount post I can find to get ideas on the front mount. I've decided to build a no drill mount instead of drilling. My question is if I wrap heater hose or some other type of rubber between the frame and motor mounts will it hold up or eventually just fall apart and cause me problems. Thanks for any info you can give me.

  2. Mountainman

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    some rubber such as heater hose or ?? may be a good idea

    somewhere there is shown some killer rubber mounts made for MBs -- almost like little car mounts

    somewhere I read about someone having problems with the rubber slipping ??

    mu cousins Happy Time came with rubber between mounts and frame -- fine so far

    ride that MB thing
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    I bought a cheap leather belt and cut a few sections to use. Front and back of the tube. Seems to work quite well. (Naturally it needs to be actual leather. Not vinyl or anything like that)

    Credit to Quay1962, who gave me the suggestion.
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  4. I used strips cut from a roll of gasket material, 1/8" thick, made for forming gaskets on large water pump flanges..
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    Ive had a great deal of sucess useing a piece of old tire that i cut up, i used a set of tin snips to cut the bead and left about a 1/4 inch of extra rubber to over lap the mount...i was trying to save my frame from being gouged up but it also dampens the vibes.
  6. sourapplesfarm

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    Well I guess I'll give it a try. I want to eliminate as much vibration as possible. I do like Bluegoats suggestion about a piece of leather. That might not break down as quickly as rubber. I'd like to say thank you to everyone for all the great build ideas I've gotten from this site. I saw a post on a design for a chain tensioner that looks like it would work alot better then what came with the kit.
  7. Mountainman

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    saves your paint somewhat also -- if that matters to you

    using some rubber or leather -- MM
  8. sourapplesfarm

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    Thanks Mountainman I am concerned about the cosmetics. I'm taking my time with this and am trying to build a bike that performs well and I can be proud of. I was thinking about putting rubber between the frame and the no drill mount but someone told me they have had better luck with making the mount solid with the frame and putting rubber between the mount and the engine. I might just flip a coin on that one.
  9. darth garfunkel

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    What do you all think about possibly using this type of hydraulic pipe clamp? Assuming that rubber is pretty hard it seems like a possibility.
    The pdf catalog on this site has a bunch of photos.
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  10. i am using rubber handle bar grips under my mounts and i have 0 vibrations now.
    i am also using rubber peddals from a exerscise bike.
    i reenforced my front fender and place a piece of rubber between fender and bike.
    and i have rubber under my gas tank.

    make sure everything is tight if using rubber under stuff.
  11. gothicguy64

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    why not use a old used innertube ,,just cut to size ask a bike shop for broken tube
  12. sourapplesfarm

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    Thanks guys. Darth, I did consider a hydrolic clamp for the front motor mount but I couldn't find one that I thought the bolt pattern wouldn't interfere with the mounting studs on the engine. Plus no one in my area stocked them, they are a special order. I ended up buying small sheets of rubber that come in a few different thicknesses in the plumbing department at Lowes. Thats what I used between both engine mounts and the frame. I like Cabinfever's idea about using a handle bar grip, thats is really clever. As far as using an inner tube I'm an electrician so I came up with something a little different. I had a sort of rubberized tape thats meant to be used to insulate mechanical connections. I used it under the tank, cdi unit, and chain tensioner. I keeps things from wearing from the vibration, and stops them from trying to move around. Plus I did get lucky in my travels. The rubber peices for the rear sprocket that came with the kit were junk. They were paper thin on one side and 3/8 of an inch thick on the other. After I told them at the supply shop what I was building they gave me a large peice of rubber about 1/4 in thick for free. I was able to cut the two peices I needed and have enough left for about six more.
  13. terri5212

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    I found some rubber in a scrap heap with no idea of its origin and it works fine so far. The moter would move sideways at times so I tighten more often. I use a piece of a thin aluminum arrow laid in the center head fin groove where the plug goes(after removing the plug) to check alighnment.