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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Danny3xd, Nov 29, 2010.

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    I proposed a Rube Goldberg MB contest elsewhere to include both forums. An individual contest to be followed by a sort of world series at the end of each. The winners from both forums competing in a friendly, fun manner. The world champs will hold, for one year the not so coveted "Rusty Wrench" Which I will have professorially mounted with a brass plaque. It will have room for more plates with winners nic's or names for the following yrs winners.

    The main goal is to enjoy good natured Competition and build really insane MBs and allow any one to contribute and participate.

    No expense will be spared! unless it is to expensive.

    This is what I posted;

    " As the name implies, Rube Goldberg , a contest to build a ridiculously complicated (but safe) MotorBicycle. Where points are awarded for achieving a goal such as braking, gear reduction or propulsion etc, in the most round about and complicated way.

    Will be a team contest where the Capt. is the builder and can have up to 5 people on his or her team. The Captain will do the actual building and must be well tooled. (insert joke here) The team members contribute ideas and concepts via internet, phone etc or hopefully live close together. (could represent states or regains) This will allow folks who may not have the tools or funds to participate and give all the chance to make those dumb things that make no sense, but we wanted to any way.

    Final day for entry is the first day of spring. The trophy and bragging rights will be held by the winning team until the following winter when they have to defend their title once again, for the first time.

    The trophy will be a rock with an oil gauge attached. I have not broached the subject with our host or Motorized Bicycle Forum - Powered by vBulletin but will ask that a "World Series Rube Goldberg MB be competed for during the summer. Final entry, first day of fall. That trophy will be the Rusty wrench. Also to be held by the winners for one year."

    I have asked and been given permission by all parties.

    Rules are listed above and open to a vote. If some thing is out side of those, we can make a separate category. Idea being to include any one who would like to. All about the fun and comradery.

    Forgive any typos. I am waiting on new glasses.

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    Dan, as you are aware we moderators gave this build-off a hearty thumbs up! It sounds like a fun, friendly competition and I hope the membership of both boards have a great time with it. Myself, I'm already thinking of several possibilities...

    Will there be categories such as electric, 2-stroke, 4-stroke, diesel, wind or steam powered? The best in each category would then face off for the coveted Oil Gauge on a Rock Trophy?
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    For our UK friends...

    For those members / builders in the UK who may not know who Rube Goldberg is, you might wish to refer to Heath Robinson for inspiration.
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    Very cool KilRoy! I had never heard of him. I have to do some reading up on him.

    Love it! Yes, I vote we have categories. And in the spirit of this, wing it. IE (or firefox, is an optional thing) Some one enters a steam operated, sail powered 4 stroke with a 2 stroke generator, thats a category. Please every one save any old dash board gauges.

    Good thunks.

    Have a ton of ideas I want to enter. One kept me awake last night. Pusher suspended from the "towing arm" Large pusher wheel so with the engine down low, it is self righting. I call it "Dangle" 'cause "Dangle pusher" would sound silly. Really looking forward to this. I am hoping to enter a jet powered MB.
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    KilRoy, was thinking about the category thing. Is really cool. When I figure out how, can do down loadable certificates. (lol, that is actually an after thought) Do you and well every one think we could have a category for a serious build? Was at work (read day dreaming) Madison Square Garden with a booming announcer voice stating "The winner and undisputed world champion" Oddly enough, I and my team was the winner. (wut? was my day dream, snork) There was pain medication, looking forward to an afternoon of nothing but tinkering in the shop and of course, global warming.
    I dunno. I had thought of this before but think that would get real serious, real fast.

    But as a category what does every one think? Would look cool on a resume. Well, could keep it as a thought for next yr. Would get more folks involved. Think the premise of this as is, is a little narrow for most in the community.

    I forgot to mention. A buddy of mine who is not online, built a MB with a sail. When he told me he was planing one, I thought it was nutz. Sort of the kettle calling the pot "Willard" But worked well under perfect conditions. Lol, if the wind direction changed quickly, not so much. But called him and invited him to join in. Really fun guy. Marches to his own drummer sort. Some times he talks and sings along too.
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    I would love to see a photo of the "sailbike"
  7. Danny3xd

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    Is really cool looking Flapdoodle. I had asked before and on the message I left him, if I could have one and post. Is just a pipe as a mast and a tarp hoisted like a flag pole. Simple as could be. All done with junk parts and ubolts.

    LOL, I was about to type that he worries about big brother and being identified with and on the internet then read your location. Not laughing at his worries by any means, just ironic. He will talk your ear off about cover ups an' such.
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    This contest idea is great!

    I have this thing in my head, and have tinkered with the design a bit in SketchUp, for a variable geometry MB tadpole trike that is powered by the front wheels, has a free caster capable (but also controllable caster range) very short wheel base recumbent. Steering would be at least in part by differential power application to each front wheel, along with differential braking. If done with a full on trike differential it could be expensive, but using my "poor man's differential" it could be done relatively cheaply.

    Differential power input steering would require it be electric, or maybe a hybrid design, with a pair of matched hub motors for the front end.

    Anybody interested?
  9. Danny3xd

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    That sounds cool Simon. Looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

    I have been experimenting with a plumbers blow bag. Costs 7 bucks at HF. (20 @ homesleepo) Works awesome. With the garden hose spigot, can run with or with out muffler by turning either side on or off. Wild Alaskan came up with using multible mufflers or varing with 3 options with a 3 way splitter I was gonna replace the 2 way with. Just a thought and is a great muffler that can be made for less then 10 bucks.

    This is with a real muffler. Which is a lot louder.

    Vid for sound; RiverSide :: blowBag muffler video by dan3xd - Photobucket

    But was wondering if any one knew a way to make some sort of sound level meter?
  10. Stan4d

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    Danny, I am looking forward to this. I may not be able to participate but will cheer the teams on.

    Where are you now in the developement? Are the rules and catagories set?
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    Thanks Stan! It is amazing how pronounced the difference in sound is in person but not at all in the vids.

    This really is getting fun. Some really out of the box stuff.

    LOL Denny! I bet.

    I had actually thought or wondered what you would come up with based on some of your works. Wood sprockets/ gear box? (sitting here thinking about that, would be self lubricating if oil or grease soaked and could put metal on the contact points,,,,hmmm)

    One of the most amazing MB concepts I have seen is a builder named "Fishguts" His entry is a steam powered Happy Time! The boiler is mounted aft and is uber cool looking. The thing is just incredible! Really looks like some thing from 1870. :ee2k:
  14. ibdennyak

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    Well, don't have anything too outlandish in mind I guess. Am thinking about a kinda sorta recumbent thing. Mostly want to try that because it looks easier to put some kind of fairing ala rain protection on it. That one is still in the thinking-part scrounging stage.

    I did build a kinda sorta stretch with a Titan and home brew drive train that has been very dependable. Right now I am trying to come up with a charging system to keep the lights brighter (dark all the time here) and of course for the heated cup holder to keep my coffee hot. So far I have tried PM motors, scooter motors, a belt driven alternator, and a few other things. Didn't like any of them for one reason or another. My latest thing is peltier modules. Thinking, why not use heat that is being wasted anyways to generate the electricity. Also it should be lighter.......and no moving parts to wear out. Spose I could build an enclosed recumbent using an engine that just warms up a Peltier module to charge the batteries to run a couple hubmotors.

    Would electric longjohns qualify for the contest?
  15. Danny3xd

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    Stopped by PC just to do a quick email check. Read your post in a bit of a rush and ya'd never guess where I thought you were going with "cup warmer"

    Insert Alaska is cold joke here, snork

    Always thought exhaust heat was waisted. Even a passive heat exchanger sort of thing... dunno.

    Speaking of exhaustion, finally got the Thump-Thump muffler sound I was going for! The rubber works as sort of boost bottle and thumps the vibration back threw the real muffler! Is very cool sounding. At least in the shop/garage with the doors closed. Gives it an almost brutish, old world engine sound over the tinny well muffled sound.

    (Edit; Had blow bag switch off so the "cool thump-thump" sound was real muffler alone. me slow) Still sounds cool and going to test at WOT)

    "Would electric longjohns qualify for the contest?" Not sure, but exhaust warmed long-johns sure would, lol
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    Wow! Rube Goldberg lives! I just found his bike on the "People of Walmart" site...
    I love the network of zip ties...

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    That's insane. :jester:
  18. ibdennyak

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    Is that blue thing a sail???
  19. Danny3xd

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    Interstellar, mobile transceiver to avoid being located by the Vargons?
  20. Stan4d

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    I think your right.....I even see the towel on his seat.

    But back to the subject. What kind of progress is there on the contest.