Break In Run in HOLY SCHNIEKIES!!!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by dzdaz, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. dzdaz

    dzdaz Guest

    So how will breaking some of the "break-in" rules effect my engine performance down the road? I don't know why I wasn't thinking today, but I went up to full throttle on the first tank of gas. And, you guessed it, I probably went over 20mph before the 500 mile rule. It still seems to run ok. Just wondering if I might have done anything that might come back to haunt me. If anyones got any insight let me know. Actually, I don't know how fast I went cuz I don't have a speedometer yet, but I'm guessing.... :razz:

  2. azvinnie

    azvinnie Guest

    no problems

    you should have no probs even if you opened up all the way, l did the samething(hard not to) and haven't had any probs. i have about 200 hundred miles with no engine probs.....good luck
  3. dzdaz

    dzdaz Guest


    Thanks man. I don't think I messed up my engine cuz I didn't stay on it very long. And I was varying my speed alot which from what I've read on here is a good thing to do when breaking it in. I'll be sure to be gentle with it for a while tho to be on the safe side. Hopefully Topeak will send me a new sensor so I can use my old speedometer soon, and not have to buy a new one.
  4. mrsaxman99

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    these engines have a complex electronic control unit with multiple O2, EGT, Timing, and and vacuum gauges. If you go over 20.0mph before reaching 500.0 miles on the bike, it will self destruct.

    Lol these lil engines do need breaking in, but there is no fine line to cross where you will damage the engine during break in. As someone on this board said a day or two ago, a slow process where you explore all speeds and loads on the engine is the best way to break it in. Going 10mph on flat ground for 500 miles isn't necessarily the best way to break in the engine.
  5. dzdaz

    dzdaz Guest

    advice I'm following now

    Since doing that the other day I've been taking it easy on my bike. I've been varying my speeds a lot and mainly trying to get the idle and mix setting worked out. Not too mention waiting for nicer weather to ride more. All I can say is it's going to be easier to keep track of things when I get a speedometer. It's not too hard to go over 20mph and not realize it!
  6. V 35

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    Aug 27, 2010
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    Break in Keep it cool

    The trick to breaking in a new engine is ... Frequent cool down periods, if it is a 2 stroke, add extra oil, [ or less fuel ] than recommended. Allow engine to warm up / cool down several times, than re-torque the head. The 2 strokes need a couple dozen runs to break in . After break in, the engine will start easier, run smoother, and the bike will go faster.

    As for speed, telephone poles are usually 100 feet apart. When you reach pole A slowly count to four, if you pass the second pole before reaching four, your doing over 20 MPH Try it in your car . I rode a motorcycle for years with a speedometer I could not see clearly [ vibrated too much ] I tried counting, and it seemed very accurate
  7. KCvale

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    Apr 18, 2010
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    All 'break-in' does is seat the rings to the cylinder and that don't take long.
    200 miles? 500 miles?

    We have most 2-stroke engines broke in just test riding at 25:1, hand it over to the customer with a full tank and tell 'em to run 32:1 synthetic when they run it out.
    Ya you take it kinda easy but don't baby it, run it up to WOT a few times and as mentioned vary the throttle and just don't run it over 1/2 hour without a cool down rest.
  8. HeadSmess

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    May 17, 2010
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    rather hard to find any factory engine tests by searching rather than by randomly stumbling across them....

    most companies dont let on that each and every engine (excepting of course, these super cheap sort of what?) is started up in the factory.

    that every gearbox is ran through the gears...

    and the normal procedure is to start em up, idle them til warm...then give it to them!

    some lucky b%^$^$ used to get on every harley, yamaha or kawasaki etc rolling off the line, roll it to a large roller dyno/brake, and run the things, HARD. now its done on a bench... :( there is a video on youtube from the 70's somewhere?

    only the rear wheel spins, the odo doesnt clock anything, you buy a "brand new" bike with say, 900 metres of being rolled around since factory to showroom, youre told to take it easy and gently for the first few thousand...but that engine is almost already broken in when you first start it!

    just run a touch more oil on 2 strokes...

    just change it frequently on 4 strokes...

    for the first few hundred :)

    forget about these speed limits...

    to reiterate kcvale... its to bed the rings in. they do that pretty quickly, but they also do it best when under load rather than pootling round being soft on em.