Run my GXH50 w/partial choke on?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Sketch, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Sketch

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    I've been experimenting with the idea that I saw posted here somewhere about using a small amount of choke to make the carb run more rich.

    I know some of you are carb nuts, so I thought I'd ask for opinions about that.

    Jury is still out as far as whether it's helping... I'm thinking it helps the mid-range but starting out is rough, sounds like it's going to die for a second then rev.s up. Actually has not ever died, but it sure sounds like it wants to.

  2. darwin

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    Wasting fuel, if theres a problem you need to solve it ie. cleaning carb or in the adjustments. 2 years ive owned my honda ive never touched the carb and it runs perfectly.......adjusted the idle i think when 1st bought.
  3. ocscully

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    I've recently put together a new bike using a Honda Motor and a Grubee III gearbox and have been riding it for a couple of weeks now, and reading about your various problems and thankfully I've not experienced any of them. I've had some problems keeping the engager permantly engaged but seem to have solved that problem by reversing the return springs on the engager Yoke. I read the post about the choke and also suggestions about drilling out the main jet to richin the fuel mixture. I tried running with the choke partially on my new set up to see what difference it made and didn't notice any. I pulled the plug on the motor to see if it was running lean and as I understand what lean looks like when reading a spark plug mine appeared to be if anything running a bit rich. When you pull the plug on your motor what color do you see around the electrode and gap? Is it whitish (lean), tan or brownish (normal), or black (rich)? You don't want to be drilling out the main jet until you are sure its running lean.

  4. Sketch

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    yeah I know how to read a plug too. I haven't checked it in a that I ran for a few miles with the choke partially on I'll pull it and see...

    Congrats on having a successful mb experience.
  5. alekor

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    Greetings! I have a question on the carburettor Honda GXH 50 - that regulates the screw specified in photos (it turns on 45 degrees)?

  6. tacoshell4

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    if it sounds like its about to die it's prob too rich. will run really rough a lean codition will idle out really high
  7. alekor

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    I do not understand - this screw adjusts the gasoline mixture - makes it richer or poorer?
  8. tacoshell4

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    yes that screw affects idle to about 1/8th throttle it does somewhat affect the whole range because fuel will flow thru it no matter what but thats the idle circuitbreak the tab off and turn it in till motor dies then slowly out till it smoothens out clockwise will lean it ccw will richen it
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  9. tacoshell4

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    actually you might be able to pull that head off if i'm correct i used to break the tabs on cb 750's and goldwings