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    Hi Gang,
    Just wanted to know if any one else has had this happen to them: I was trying to run the fuel tank empty so I could store my bike in the basement. So I took my bike for a spin in the industrial park behind my house when I was almost empty, all of a sudden the motor starts to rev EXTREMELY HIGH R.P.M. so I hit the kill switch and the motor stumbled a little but RPMS were still climbing (would not die). So not wanting to get a piston shot threw my kester or shocked pulling the spark plug boot. I just choked it out & then it died. I have noticed that sometimes if I turn the Gas cock OFF and get off the bike for a while after riding it, then get back on it and start to ride it and forget to turn the Gas cock ON to get the fuel to the carb the motor starts to runaway (starts to red line) then the second I turn the gas cock on the R.P.M.S drop back down. Any idea why the motor starves for fuel the R.P.M.S skyrocket? They should probably warn you in the instructions so you don't blow the motor so remember CHOKE it out to kill it if you have this problem. Hope this help some one out there.
    Thanks Ross

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