Running 2-Stroke Engine on Hydrogen

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Hydrobike, Jun 29, 2014.

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    I need to install an automatic oil pump system in the two stroke engine for proper lubrication of the engine when running on a hydrogen/oxygen gas. What I'm wondering is if the engines on this site are compatible with a standard autolube oil pumps. The overall goal is to run one of these motorized bicycle systems on Hydroxy gas that my fuel cell procures from water. Any help on the matter would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have already spent a long time researching and building fuel cells so I can speak from personal experience. I have already heard all of this but I can assure that my design is nothing like Meyers. My system uses solar energy to produce the electricity needed to electrolyze the water and produce hydroxy gas. And it also uses a dry cell system that is more efficient. I have already ran and operated a riding lawn mower so I know it works in small engines. Hydrogen boosting in automobiled may not be efficient or correct but all hydrogen tech cant be discredited because of that.
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    Since the hydrogen produced is in very small quantities you can only use it for very small engines as the only fuel source.
    But then the problem exists that the energy required to generate the electricity to extract the hydrogen is more than what an engine produces running on hydrogen and so you have to use batteries charged at home and you are greatly limited by how long they can supply electric current to the hydrolyzer.
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    You may want to use an engine that has oil injection. That way, you will not have to mix oil with the H2 fuel.
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    Deep cycle batteries last quite awhile especially when still being charged with smaller solar panels during operation. There are a few minor kinks to work out with this technology but think of the global impact once it becomes widely used. Its simple and cheap, underdeveloped countries could begin to rise out of poverty. Emissions would be greatly reduced. We would no longer rely on foreign countries for oil. Vehicles and transportation would be cheaper. There is great potential here.
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    Yeah I might end up doing that. I was just wondering if there was an easy way to alter an engine without oil injection since the one I currently have lacks that feature. I don't want to buy I new one unless I have to.
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    oil injection usually just dumps it into the carb bowl...

    other than some major redesigns, ie, oil passage ways to bearings and a "dry sump"....aint gunna happen in a two stroke.

    dump 12v into a single cell with a touch of acid/electrolyte and tell me that isnt making gas...

    my only experiment with a fuel cell resulted in a blown head gasket on the first kick :)

    oh yeah, stop dreaming. the economy isnt going to change with the current state of affairs. people have this habit of waiting til its too late. then it will be too late.

    and we shall all be dead :) not even anyone left to lament over the stupidity of it all.
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    So you might be right on that matter HeadsMess. Things don't usually change very fast if at all but if I can get it to work why not save myself a buck or two, right? I don't know about anyone else but I'd like to run my MBA on water.
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    ah, now personal use is an entirely different story :) my lips are sealed at this point :jester:

    much easier with a fourstroker, btw. all lube issues solved.

    think IMPLOSION rather than standard otto cycles...

    dam these lip seals that leak!

  11. If he generates the hydrogen at home using solar power (or whatever) and puts the hydrogen in a tank for the vehicle, then all the worries of "boosting" go away. Noting that hydrogen burn rate is 10 times that of diesel, I was looking into burning it in a 2-cycle as well since the reduction in engine weight should make it very viable. Until you have a catastrophic failure in the hydrogen tank that is, lol.