Running great Stoping not so!

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by old whizzer, May 21, 2009.

  1. old whizzer

    old whizzer New Member

    After having Quenton mill the head on my NE5 every time I ride it seems to run better and better. So much power and so little brakes. Now what's my best bet to improve my brakes.

  2. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    I replaced my Whizzer wheels with Worksman wheels. I think I could easily go over the handlebars now. It's not the easiest conversion but it is makes a big difference.

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  3. old whizzer

    old whizzer New Member

    May be the way to go will need to look at worksman wheels and brakes

  4. Lack of brakes

    Hi OldWhizzer, you may want to pull your front wheel, and look to see if you are getting engagement on the whole shoe front and rear, if not take a dremel or equivelent and lightly sand off the glaze, repeat until you are getting about 3/4 contact patch, it will amaze you how much this helps (called "arc grinding" when done on a machine).

    IF you already have about 3/4, and cable is adjusted correctly, then the brake is inadequate, or the leverage on the handle is not right.

  5. old whizzer

    old whizzer New Member

    Sanding glaze on brake shoe would be like what I did with the clutch to make it work better. what about the band on back brake can it be improved or will it always be 90% squeel and 10% brake. Will work on front today.

  6. Whizzer rear brake option

    Hi OW there is an upgrade for the whizzer which is a two-shoe expanding type MUCH better rear stopping with this, I and other Whizzer dealers may stock this.

    Yes "arc grinding" or "shoe matching" is the same whether Clutch or brakes.

  7. go-rebels

    go-rebels Member

    Thanks Mike.

    Does this also fix the "pressed hub" design deficiency? If so, send me a PM and I'll order one up.
  8. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    I figure most stopping is done with the front brake. My 99 came with the coaster brake on the rear. I changed it over to a Shimano hub for about $35. Got the hub on EBay. Now when I use the rear brake I can easily skid the tire, if that's the right term. It never did that with the original hub. I figure I can't do better than that.
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  9. old whizzer

    old whizzer New Member

    I am working on the front brake now (beyween honeydos-grand kids-graduations) but I will get it done. As for the back if I could get rid of the squeel -triple the braking I think it still would not slide the tire. There I go thinking again!

  10. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    I recently installed a Worksman coaster-brake rear wheel on "Oscar", my 2005 NE5 Whizzer. (Now with over 300 miles) The coaster brake is a Shimano CB-E110.

    The Worksman front wheel with drum brake is enroute to me as I type!

    Those are really husky wheels, with 0.120" spokes. (11 gauge)

  11. old whizzer

    old whizzer New Member

    Had about 2/3contact on front shoes my first try at deglazing was no improvement so I got a bit agressive with the sanding - after a few easy stops took it up to speed 35 mph made a near panic stop WOW! big improvement. Thanks for the advice Mike. now to the rear.
  12. old whizzer

    old whizzer New Member

    Will this upgrade brake attach to my hub or replace my brake and hub.

  13. Whizzer Brake kit

    Hi Old Whiz, it is designed to replace the band hub, band, and band shell, also the cable is too soft for the new drum setup, uses the same wheel, and it will be all good!

    I have in stock, as might other dealers.