Running the bike in the Rain.. : O

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by A_FITZ, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. A_FITZ

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    Just a quick question..

    I ran my bike in the ran today. I was out of it. I just wanted to ride..

    And when I came back I regretted it.. because I got soaked from the rain picking up..

    My Question: What can really go wrong from this? I know its not like im shooting bullets at the thing but, will it just will make the chain less oily? Thats all?

  2. Virginian

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    I also rode in the rain yesterday because I had somewhere I needed to go. The bike should survive with no problem. But be careful because it takes longer to stop, the road is more slippery, and cars may not see you as well.

    The trick to staying dry is to dress right.
  3. A_FITZ

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    *Fist pumps*

  4. djsalto

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    I drove several times to work on rainy days there should be no problem but a good idea is to fill with silicone or something the hole from wich the magneto cables comes out. Also remember to clean and re-oil the chain after a wet run,

  5. HeadSmess

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    wettest summer in 70 years and i got a 10km ride in it every me...its wet :lol:

    the waters no problem, as long as its not gushing in... and not mud.

    on traction...slicks...rain hail shine, despite what your head tells you when looking at them... never dropped since switching to them... maybe its just my balance is improving?