"Running With The Band"

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    "Running With The Band"

    When I was younger
    played in the band
    partied much very loud
    oh for sure we were out of hand !

    Not going to tell you
    that I could play
    so very good
    just fell in with a band
    that really could !

    Played every rock song
    ever written in a book
    one little problem
    strung out and hooked !

    So much talent
    turned out to be a shame
    all that drinking and using
    had spoiled the game !

    Our drummer was hot
    very cool and meek
    back on the stuff
    Lost 30 pounds in a week !

    Lead guitar player
    sounded like Jimi
    strung out again
    all you can give me !

    We were heading down
    the wide road
    sure to end in helll
    I was blessed to live
    so as my story to tell !

    Yes we were young
    had no fear
    life can be taken
    with drugs and beer !

    I was saved from all that
    walking with God today
    with all that I have gone through
    he was with me
    all the way !

    B B 03-21-06