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Howdy Folks,

Just Put a new Dax 70cc kit on a Schwinn Jaguar. If anyone else has used this bike let me know what you think because I really think its a good value. The bike fired up first try and runs like a champ. It accelerates smoothly is fast and the clutch works real smooth. The only problem is a strange rattling from the clutch case. I opened it up and inspected the clutch. I tightened all the screws down and it still does it. If I put my hand on the cover plate while it is idling the noise stops. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've yet to see this on any bike and other than this the Dax motor purrs so nice its driving me crazy. Sounds like there's a penny floating around in there. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You've run into the bane of motored bike kits - unidentified vibrations lol.

Its a problem caused by the nature of the machine itself but eradicating such can be part of the fun :)

I have one suggestion for you and that is to make up a thicker gasket (assuming one is already there). This should help isolate the offending part and hopefully reduce or eradicate the vibration..

Its also very advisable after the first couple of rides to recheck all bolts/mounts/linkages etc - they do work loose and there is nothing worse than faceplanting the roadway at 30mph...

good luck with your ride...

Happy new year

Jemma xx
My King's "80" does the same thing. The first time I took the cover off to dab lube on the gears, I rode it around with the cover off and was surprised at the difference in sound. On another thread, someone speculated that the wide supported cover was acting as a sounding board and that pasting cork-ish dampening material on the outside would help.
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remove your cover plate and cut 3 pads from automotive gaskit paper and place under the cover and the 3 screw holes and replace the screws and that should take care of it!.....Loco
I had a problem and it was similar to was a high pitched tapping noise ONLY when i throttled back.Strange thing was it only started doing it at 900 miles.
Inspect the inside of the cover plate(around the rim) and make sure none of the gears are rubbing against the aluminium rim.You'll see cos they'll leave a scratching/scouring mark.
With a small grinding wheel i slightly ground the inside rim of the cover plate(testing between grinds) till the noise is eliminated....problem solved.
Gear Grinding on Aluminum Rim making noise

(( metal noise, whinning, coming from gears ))
I was curious after reading this thread and others, that perhaps my engine had a problem because of a whinning metal sound coming from the gear box.

I took off the cover plate and noticed some "black powder" collecting in the corner. I thought it must be a gear grinding. So I looked closely at the gear to make sure it was clearing the aluminum rim.. it was rubbing slightly at the very bottom.. Darn.

So Now im thinking that i too will be "grinding" down the engine block a little to allow for proper spacing. (any other options??)

This seems like it would be a big job for me. I do not have experience taking this gear out and im concerned i may do more damage attempting the fix. :???:

Do you think that over time the "gear" would grind itself to an acceptable level? Wouldnt that be bad for the engine and the gear??:eek:

I will need to really understand taking the gear out before i attempt it. So i will look for other forum threads discussing this further.

I plan on taking pictures of my rescue operation, to post here. I will have to borrow a dremel tool from a friend,, or should i use a file?

well, I will figure it out somehow :)

I want the noise to be gone, and my engine to be happy..

Thanks "fetor" for the great headsup on this problem.
No need to touch the actual gears man...just grind away a small section of the aluminium cover where it's touching.
Also keep those gears lubricated with a SMALL(about the size of a pencil rubber) quantity of grease mixed with graphite powder.
Nic, pictures would be helpful. are you talking about the gears the clutch is a part of?
If so the dust could just be dust from the wear of the clutch pades. Just like you see brake dust on the wheels of cars with disc brakes. This is a great thread.
Ok, I opened up the clutch side today and cleaned it out (black dust) and placed navybean sized lube on gear mesh.. I also took off the paper gasket which was going bad and sticking to the engine (doh!) I exacto cut a gasket made of cork/rubber for the coverplate of the gear box.. in hopes that it will quite down the gear.

I really inspected my clutch gear today with a flashlight to see IF it was indeed rubbing the engine block aluminum rim (toward the bottom) After peeling the paper gasket away it looked like the gear WAS NOT touching , even thought it could not have been any closer. I took a Magnet and placed it over the black powder in my gear box and it stuck to the magnet good, as if it were metal.

IS it normal for a clutch to grind into powder? Is this preventable.. besides just navybean dot of grease... When the gear is spinning perhaps it is hitting parts of the aluminum rim due to inertia of its spinning.. could it be causing wear and the noise of metal grinding? or just the natural gears going together makes that happen no matter what? .. lots of random ?'s anyone.. thanks -nik

my camera needs batteries or i would post pics... sorry
A clutch works via friction so your bound to get wear and with wear comes residue.The clutch gears intermesh so your bound to get wear there to,metal to metal wear.I wouldn't get bothered toooo much about black powder.That's nornal and provided it's not excessive just do like i do...clean it away and regrease the gears every so-often.
The main thing is to know your bike so if anything goes wrong u notice straight away.