russian moped engines

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    I had exsactly the same engine back in 2000 never got it runing was missing contact ignition!
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    All this kits are slow compare to what it could be. Now two strokes are so advanced - reliable and powerfull I had Derbi GPR 49cc I still have it but it's 250cc now, It's a full size motorcycle/moped 250 lbs and it would do 60 milles with 49cc. I still have the engine from that bike almost like new, dont know what I'm gonna do with it, but put that on a bicycle it'll be crazy!!
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    In understand that the Chinese engines kind of descended from the Russion ones.
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    No ! Russia didn't come up with it first some other contry in Europe did, not sure who, Swiss or Gemany or someone in that area but yeah, this design is very-very old !
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    I'm thinking 1950's Russian until proven wrong.
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