Rust-bucket Mountain Bike Resto-Mod!

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    Hey all, last year I bought a bike from a friend who's mother is a hoarder. They had a stack of about 10 bikes in their front lawn, and I grabbed the one with the most space in the middle of the frame. Originally, I grabbed a weed wacker engine to throw in there, only to realize that the reason I got the weed wacker for so cheap, was that the fuel tank had disintegrated and the specks of plastic dust had made their way into the fuel system. I gave up on the project to focus on other projects for a while. Come a couple months later, I found a 4.5 horsepower motor that I ended up scoring for 20 bucks. The engine purred like a kitten. I figured I could go and buy a gas tank designed for a bike, or get one from my girlfriend's dad because he rebuilds motorcycles, seeing as with the stock gas tank the engine wouldn't fit into the frame. First, I got stuck removing the blade and therefore let the mower sit for a couple more months while I worked on other projects again. A couple months after that, renewed with vigor to work on it, I realized I was being a total idiot and it was a simple fix. I finally had freed the engine from the mower deck and things were looking good. I cleaned the engine up, getting all of the years of dirt and grime off. Three hours of cleaning later, I go to put the engine up, and tidy up for bed, and my clumsy ass drops the engine and cracks the block. I didn't notice it was cracked at the time, seeing as it was a hairline fracture, but the next morning it was evident, seeing as it had puked all of its oil on my garage floor. Now, a few months later after finally wanting to work on this project again, I decided to work on the bike itself. In the past two days I have totally stripped down all of the paint, so the bike is ready for primer. Planning on laying primer, and maybe bondoing some of the imperfections if I decide to give enough of a damn. Seeing as I've gotten this far, I'm determined to now finish this damned bike, so I've opted to give up trying to make the DIY part work, and just buy a kit. After a bit of research, I've landed on a kit from that I will link below. Opinions on this kit would be much appreciated. I wish I had taken a before picture, but I'll put some in progress pics below.

    (I hope it's okay to link that here.)

    Starting with sticker removal.

    This goes to show how much respirators are worth the extra couple dollars.

    Almost all the way down t0 bare metal!

    Any and all feedback is welcome!

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    It seems like everyone is going for that look these days:)
    I did the same thing to my bike..... I just clear coated mine and it looked pretty cool

    The bike was a little too big for me so when I blew up the motor I didn't worry too much about fixing (I did get that chromoly frame to 40mph before I started showing off:D)

    I'll end up doing something with it but I'm working on another project:p

    Your bike has the perfect dropouts for a MB.... Mine had verticals so i couldn't ever get chain perfect.

    Watch out for Gasbike their prices are good but their customer service sucks (According to others here that have used it.... I've had good luck but never had to take anything back)

    If I was you I'd start with a true Grubee Skyhawk, I've built one now they have spoiled me.... So far at least;)

    I lost the link that I had too a resonably priced Grubee I think it was like 150$? Or 160? Not too sure

    I would have loved to see your bike with a 4.5hp engine!!! My other project is a 212cc predator engine....:)

    I wish you good luck! You've got a good start to a cool project:D

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    If I lived in north America I would have bought a Grubee Skyhawk GT5A but I don't :(

    You will need some brakes. Keep an eye out for dumpster suspension forks with a bolted on arch brace.. If the brace has cantilever/ v brake lugs then your laughin'. :)
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    Looked up the Grubee Skyhawk and I couldn't find any still for sale unfortunately. Actually planning on painting the bike and spokes gloss black and doing the dish (or barrel, not sure if the terms are the same with bikes as with cars) of the rims a nice tiffany blue/teal. I currently have the bike in primer waiting to be wet sanded. If I find time after building this bike, seeing as I just want to have a bike to ride currently, I might try to re-evaluate the 4.5 hp build.
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    I definitely will man, thanks for the advice. I'm thinking I'll have some pretty good luck seeing as people throw bikes away around where I live like there's no tomorrow. I have the original brakes from the bike, but I'm considering buying all new ones, because some of the brake lines are frayed and I had to cut a few during the disassembly.
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    You will be much safer with v brakes than old caliper brakes. :)