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    Just finished building. Its been running great but has shut down two or three times while rideing. Didn't seem to be getting gas to the carb. Took off fuel line at carb and didn't have any fuel flow. Took off fuel line between tank and in line filter and still no fuel flow. Took out the shut off valve and drained the tank. The shut off valve screen that is inside the tank was clogged with a black gritty substance. I could see inside the tank and it was a lot of rust in the tank. It is really rusted up. My question is : How can I clean this rust out? I cleaned the tank out by sloshing around fresh gas inside it. But it is just going to reclog the shut off valve screen sooner or later. I have ordered another tank but am told that they are all subject to rusting and the ones he was looking at had rust until he finally said he found one that looked ok. However I looked inside the tank I now have before I installed it and I don't remember it having any rust. The fuel I used was fresh out of the pump and at this time had set in the tank for less than a week. I finished the bike last saturday and the problem started thursday (5 days) ago. Thought of maybe removing the small screen inside the tank that is on the shutoff valve and using a small sediment bowl outside the tank between the tank and fuel filter. I dont really like that idea much. Or just getting rid of the screen and using another in line filter Between the present in line filter and the tank. Would just need to watch it and change it out from time to time and just live with the rust in the tank. Give me any ideas please. Thanks Tom

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    well, you clean out the tank of rust, basically breaking it free you could put a few nuts and bolts into it and shake it for a bit, then put a gas take sealer into it. They have many different kinds at automotive stores.

    As for the screen and the inline filters, I would recommend leaving in the screen on the shut off. But you do remove it, I would again recommend running 2 fuel filters. A standard briggs and stratton red filter which is just a metal screen and a paper filter.

    I hope that helps
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    The fella that sold me the kit suggested the nuts and bolt shakeing inside the tank. He is sending a new tank but he says that they all are subject to rust and that he checked several he had on hand and finally found one the looked clean of rust.It just seemed to me that that was a lot of rust and would require more shake time than I was willing to give. I wasn't aware of the gas tank sealer so I will check that out today. I am getting a new tank but I would like to solve this problem and I am thinking that the new tank may be a problem after a few days. That screen on the shutoff is a real pain in the *** and when it gets clogged you get gas all over everything taking it out. I am going for the double filter if I can't get some sort of tank sealer. Thanks for the reply. Tom
  4. you can get a rust remover for around 20 bucks for a gallon from race brothers or other tractor supply or maybe autozone..i put it in a harley peanut tank that was really rusted and let sit for 3 days looked like new when rinsed out...just dry afterwards.
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    Sounds good, Thanks for the info.
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    Thanks for the Tip Thread, There is many thing there that can be used by a new guy like me. Tom
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    I'm a big fan of cleaning the rust out with HCl based toilet bowl cleaner followed bu a good water rinse, then a phosphoric acid rinse to prevent further rust.
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    That apparently works. You would have to be a chemist to come up with that. I wish I could have tried it but I am back in business now. I finally broke down and used a bunch of clean gravel and just shook the tank until I was shaking as much as the tank after awhile. (Actually about 30 to 45 minutes). I got all the gravel out and did several rinses with raw fresh gas and poured out each rinse into a white container(Cottage cheese 24 ounce size from wally world) I let the gas settle for awhile and you could see any fine sediment on the white bottom. After 3 or 4 rinses it cleared up. I removed the small screen on the gas shut of valve and reinstalled the valve in the tank and then got two filters and put them in the gas line. I have been able to ride without any problems so the stopping I have experienced because of that little screen is over and all I need to do now is watch the first filter closet to the tank and change out if necesary. I bought the 1st filter at Hone Depot and it was for a Kawasaki cub cadet mower or tractor. The next down line filter was from Tractor Supply and it is slightly smaller. Both are the paper filter type and opaque so you can see something inside. I had to buy a next size up fuel line at the local small engine shop and this connects from the shutoff valve to the 1st filter then from the first filter to the smaller filter and then used the gas line that comes with the engine from the smaller filter to the carb. Used small tie wraps on each connection. I only went into detail in case someone else is interested in this fix for the rust in the tank. Works for me. Thanks again for the reply and thanks to everyone that replied to this problem I have had.