Rusty Tank [Rust In Gas Tank]

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    I hope this information is helpful, however due to recent "complaints", I am not sure where to post this information.

    As a vendor does it belong here? It has to do with 2 strokes, 4 strokes, frame mounts, Whizzer, in fact any motorbike with a metal gas tank.

    I am not selling this as a vendor, only passing information along. If in the wrong area, please move it to wherever it belongs.

    How to remove rust from a metal gas tank.
    A product called "OSPHO" is made by The Skybryte Company in Cleveland Ohio. Simply pour into a metal tank with rust, add a few loose bearings, small rocks, bolts, etc, and shake the tank to loosen all the rust. Next wash out the tank with water, then use air to dry. The tank will now have a black finish inside and will no longer rust. The instructions on the bottle state "OSPHO causes iron oxide [rust] to chemically change to iron phosphate-an inert, hard substance that turns the metal black".

    Ther are several products on the market that coat the inside of the tank, but this is a very "cheap" way to solve the rust problem.

    Hope this infromation is helpful,

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    hi Quenton
    this is a good thing shared here regarding rust in tanks
    I have known serveral around here who have asked what to do regarding rust inside of tanks

    would think that possibly a better -- more to the point -- header on thread would help

    just an idea -- such as --------- Rust In Gas Tank -- solution

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    New title post "Rusty tank"
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    Thanks MM...... excellent suggestion. Anything to help make all the info here easier to find.

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    here's another link to gas tank rust.

    Since you are not vending anything here, this thread will be okay in General Discussion. I'll move it & fix the Title.
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    Dave, thanks for locating the information in the best place.

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    Any phosphoric acid prep will work. There are many phosphoric acid based metal preps. I have used them in small engines and auto bodywork. It will take flash rust off and prevent its formation.
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    When i rode motorcycles i put a plastic tank on my trail bike after denting the metal tank up. It was very thick plastic and yellow never could dent it.
    I wonder if you can still buy them >>>
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    Hi Quenton - you had mentioned OSPHO, i'm wondering if anyone has tried POR15 - seems to be a similar product?
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    Do Not use POR 15 * inside * a gas tank It will flake off, and clog fuel system . So will most paints. Acid etch, and treat with light oil.

    What rusts tanks is rain water getting in, keep bike dry, and tank will last.