Ryan Look a like recumbent with 100 Screaming Chicken Power

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    Ryan Look a like Recumbent home built with 100 Screaming Chicken Power boost.
    Final front 1.jpg

    Final Rear 1.jpg

    Final side 1.jpg

    Final side 3.jpg

    See better pictures at TheIdeaShoppe.com/TerysCycle.

    Honda 1HP motor 35cm
    Dual computer tower Crank RPM and Heart Rate.
    Old Ryan seat, round yellow foam is a Lumbar support
    The starter rope is above left shoulder.
    Working on being able to engage drive roller (even though it freewheels) when I need it and remove it when it isn't needed. Freewheel drive roller system is very noisy and provides a considerable drag when not needed.
    Can top out at 30mph with pedaling assistance, and 12+ going up hill with assistance.
    Stop button in on left brake lever
    Right side Dual Shimano V-rear brakes, and speed lever
    Nashbar bag on right has spare tire tubes and tools, to counter balance the Honda motor. 70ML Water Bag in middle with handicapped sign.
    I used oversized 4130 N chromium molybdenum tubing. From AirParts Inc.
    I build a seat bracket from 4 layers of MDO 3/4" plywood with TEE Nuts and bolts to hold to gather. Seat tube has 3/16" x3/16" square rod welded to side for seat to move.
    Kick stand is from regular bike with an extension bar.
    I ride the recumbent when I can without assistance, but with A-FIB heart trouble, I need extra help up the hills.
    I MIG welded it without lugs, with some brazing rod add-ons.

    Tery's Cycle
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    Very nice work. I like it a lot.
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    I can tell a lot of thought went in to it. Looking at your seat/paddle distance, it apperars you are over six feet tall. How dose it ride
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    Rides great. Nearly as good as the Infinity I use to ride. Once you get use to the extra weight, you forget about it.

    I am 6'3 70 years old

    Better picture at www.theideashoppe.com/TerysCycle.