Ryobi 30cc rack mount, Easy yet affective!

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by brendonv, May 25, 2009.

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    Well i havent been on here in a while, been busy with the homework of 5 TEE subjects. Anyway i built a friction bike yonks ago, some may remember. Well it was very crappy, it worked fine but it had major flaws. It was non adjustable, weak and just didnt look good, sooooo i scrapped that and made another one. Im a bit more knowledgeable now with metal work and motorized bikes so i made a very nice, strong, easy design that just works great. It is adjustable by a brake lever so i can raise and lower it, it will work sort of like an centrifugal clutch. This way, when i stop at lights and such i can just pull the lever and i stop. Then i just feather it in and away i go.

    The design is like i said very easy, yet affective. Its a common design, its sort of like a staton.inc design but instead made with metal square tubing. So here is what i did today, ill have it done by tomorrow so its only about 4-5 hours of work to get it complete. Quick huh!


    Well enjoy!

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    nice Brendon
    looking forward to you -- sharing more of this MB project with us
    I like your idea of the easy lift of drive unit by brake lever
    light spring holding it down ??

    have a good day there -- from - MM
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    Attention to detail....

    Some nice looking welds you have on that frame there!
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    Nice !!! Is that a Ryobi 720R ??? If so it's a high reving engine...
    I had one on a weed eater and ran the hech out of it for 8 years before it died.
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    Well guys, i got the flu so i cant work on the bike atm. I was hoping to finish it yesterday but instead had a real bad headache and sore throat so just went home and went to bed. I cant work on it today either as if i go out now its just gonna make it worse. Ive taken lots of cold n flu tablets so i should be better by tomorrow and should finish by tomorrow XD.

    Answering some questions now, yes im gettin some springs to tension it down and the weed wacker/ whipper snipper is a ryobi grass scorpion or something from memory.

    Cya guys,
    Stay tuned
    From Brendon.v
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    Well guys u will be happy to no im all good now. The flu has gone! I cant work on it this weekend :( but im getting the hinge and some springs tomoz so all i gotta do is fit them really and get some bolts n nuts to mount the engine n thats about it. I got exams this week so ill fit the stuff on the bike when im not studying but i should get it all done this week sometime.

    How strong do the springs have to be?

    From Brendon.v
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    It wasn't Swine Flu !!!!
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    Nah nah haha.

    Well anyway back to the bike guys. I got a spring today (only 1, i hope it will work with one, god springs are expensive!) and i also got a hinge. The hinge was cheap, only 2 bucks! So ill grind off the galvanized stuff on the hinge and weld it on. That way i save money, not having to buy nuts n bolts. (im 15 and poor ok!) All i gotta do is fit that, get some nuts n bolts for the engine mounts then get my lifter cable setup goin. Thats the hardest part! I got all my exams in the morning which is good so im finished with them everyday at 12 so i got about 3-4 hours to work on the bike each day then i gotta go home n study.

    So i should get it done tomorrow or tuesday. See how i go. School comes first!
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