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  1. llamaboydave

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    im thinking of adding an engine to my 2006 schwinn stingray occ (black/silver) and i got a few questions, i know the parts on an engine and how an engine works (2 stroke and 4 stroke).

    1. whats the best motor kit on ebay? (i looked and i couldnt really find much)

    2. i need to have an independent drive chain on my bike so i can still pedal it like a normal bike, but do all kits allow that?

    3. i have a mountain bike that is a pile and im wondering if i can take the gear kit off that and put it on my stingray? like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDeip37nNKQ&feature=related

    thanks for any and all help, its very much appreciated.

  2. stude13

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    yo llama, there are many occ pics in the gallery and if you go to search and input chopper or occ. you will find many excellent builds. good luck. mitch
  3. Kiwi

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    1. I love my kit from PowerkingShop, and also like the ones i have gotten from www.bikeberry.com

    2. I think so , yes. The kits run off the left side of the wheel.

    3. You could... with new hubs and all kinds of other nasty modifications ( like how to mount the rear deraileur). Not impossible... but a pain in the A$$

    having built one myself... feel free to send me a PM. It will take some time and patience to make it all work.
  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    Most people say avoid the ebay kits, stick with one of the good sponsors of this site. I have been really happy with my zoombicycles engine, they have the new slant head setup. My first bike was from gasbike.net, and they are OK too.
  5. RMWdave

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    there is not much wrong with the ebay kit, so long as you take the time to tear it down and rebuild it before you run it. this means a little grease here, a little oil there. a torque wrench and grade 8 metric bolts replacin the ****ty screws.....
  6. Wild Frank

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    Buy a Grubee motor kit, they are the cadilac of motors. Also if you need a motor mount, I can help you out! Good luck with your build!
  7. ENO

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    Mount & Sprocket

    Hey Llama..Eno (Oz)..Go with Frank and get that motor mount because thats the difficult part of the job. We built ours with lot of head scratching and hoping we got the offset right. and the angle of the upright rods that you need with the OCCs. The back sprocket set up is also a pain in the butt, so if your not real savvy with drilling out holes in sprockets etc buy one setup and just swap it over... I know its the easy way and also a few more dollars but its all worth in the end because the weight of the bike and the 80cc motor power along and sit nicely on the road..(When its aligned perfectly)..Good Luck..(ps) again go to the guys with OCCs and check out their pics of their builds for info and ideas Se ya Eno

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  8. Wild Frank

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  9. llamaboydave

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    disc brakes

    any body recommend a certain sponser for disc brakes? cuz my stock rim brakes alone wont do much, i would prefer disc brakes, 2 sets, 1 front, 1 back and get a dual pull brake lever from sbp. i probably wont start building it until next summer when i can actually drive it, cuz summer is winding down, school starts soon and i wont have much time to ride or build during school. whole project funds: approximately $300-350. if i can get it legalized next year as a moped that would be fantastic too.
  10. stude13

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    bike shops have new brake pads that are very much better than stock ones.
  11. llamaboydave

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    i just had an idea for my chopper to have multiple gears but im not sure if i would have to make the back wider but what if i left the ride side alone, widened the bars that hold the back wheel a little bit, found a left-side mounting derailleur and got a longer axle of course, but put gears on the left side so that the engine would only be operating the multiple speeds. im just spit balling and i know it may not make sense to others, but this would be ideal for someone like me that wants a motored bike but doesnt want to have to register it, but can still ride it at fast speeds for a possibly lower price than the SBP shifter kit.