****s, *****s, and Hussys

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    To define the terms (from websters.com):

    **** - a promiscuous girl, a prostitute
    ***** - a woman who engages in sexual acts for money - a promiscuous woman
    Hussy - A saucy or mischievous girl

    My wife Julie is a very sweet and loving person. We have been married 14 years. She has been an amateur model, and while she has not made living at it, she enjoys the opportunity to take photos. She is popular in many circles as a Sexy Star Wars model.

    I am a hot-rod guy, and enjoy pinup/cheesecake car photos. About a year ago, Julie took some bikini pics with my bike, and the response was favorable. She likes to have fun, and she just got some new boots for her Star Wars outfit (there is a sci-fi show next month she is modeling at), and I thought it'd be fun to take some more bike pics to share on here.

    I have noticed some recent "anti-mtv" posts, and a general negative trend towards fast bikes, or any craziness on the forum. I flagged my post as NEW and PG-13 so those who might get offended would know not to look. I did not know there even was a CC forum.

    Immediately, Augigod jumped in and expressed serious objections to the thread. Within 15 mins, I deleted the pics, but could not delete the thread or change the title because of the forum rules.

    Augiegod then proceeded to call my wife a *****, a ****, and myself an *******. He feels that strong of a response was needed to protect the family values of the forum, and set an good example for the young daughters of the forum.

    He then demanded I apologize for offending the sensibilities of the general public, which I did. I requested his apology for the terms he used in reference to my wife, which he refused, justifying his actions as expressing the severity of my infraction.

    Other members jumped in and agreed that she was a **** and *****, augie then continued to insult and called me a pediophile, *******, and stated that my marriage obviously must be in jeopardy because of my poor moral character.

    Through it all, I refrained from insults to augiegod, some members lauded my restraint.

    Let me say it clearly now. I quickly corrected the situation as best as I could. I have been a supportive and positive member of this forum, and am a bit innovative with my build. I enjoy my bike, and enjoy the interaction with many here.

    However, I am seeing a shift towards close-minded jerks who are "anti-mtv", "anti-fast bike", and generally not supportive or positive. I do not like it.

    My wife does not sleep with men for money, or sleep around. We live in Hawaii, she wears skimpy clothing and works out to have a nice shape. We wear less clothing here than you mainlanders do. Wearing a short skirt and boots does not make her a **** or *****.

    Hussy I can take, she is mischievous.

    The insults and name calling was not justified.

    Augiegod is a conceited ***** who likes to bully people around on the Internet. His justification of "family values" was blown out of the water by publicly calling my wife a *****. What kind of example does that set? I retracted my pictures, and three times asked for the insults to stop. He refused, and continued until the mods moved the thread.

    So to conclude,

    Go screw yourself and your high horse augiegod.


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    I thought the censor filter would be off here! So to clarify:

    P-rick were blocked
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    The members with negative comments to your pictures are in the minority ...I hope...lets continue to have a little fun here..
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    Here is "pedalless"

  5. Hawaii_Ed

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    And some augiegod highlights:

    He REALLY hates MTV for some reason!

    Did I miss something? Augiegod built MBc or something?
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    im pretty much on your side but your reference to mtv is making me not.i cant stand mtv but see no problem with your wife in a swimsuit.

    **** if you want you can send me some nude ones!lol sorry

    welcome to the cc
  7. Hawaii_Ed

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    I am not a huge MTV fan since they stopped playing videos. I watch some of the HTV video channels. I think augie's problem is more with the MTV type generation :D
  8. eastwoodo4

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    im not sure what photos you put up but the ones in your sig of a school girl look ok to me.
  9. Hawaii_Ed

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    Yep, it was the pics in my sig link.

    That outfit shows much less skin than a bikini! She has long sleeve for crying out loud!

    But that was enough that augiegid feels justified to call her a w-hore and s-lut.
  10. eastwoodo4

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    yeah hes tripping.
  11. eastwoodo4

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    i spot two nice racks in that picture;)
  12. SimpleSimon

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    Ed, I read through that entire exchange between you and augidog. I had intended to post in support, but ended up in hospital instead with a little diabetic episode, so I wasn't thinking clearly enough to do so.

    It was apparent throughout the entire thing that there was only one rational, reasonable, intelligent adult posting, and it was NOT augi, I'm sad too say. While the pulchritude quotient of many of your picture posts is higher than I would choose, it is by no means excessive to general socially acceptable standards. Your wife is pretty, and proud of that fact - that much is clear. Being happy in her own skin is the best example anyone can provide to others. Being proud of her beauty is no sin on your part, either.

    A burqa is a more shameful garment that those in which she appears, IMO.
  13. give me vtec

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    I thought they might be a little racey for a motorized bike site... but still tame compared to what is blatantly on TV. I just figured you guys had a costume gig going with each other. As long as doesn't involve me, my daughter, or my wife, far be it from me to get involved with some other guys fancy. At least it was a picture of a girl and not some fat guy dressed up like a girl. :tt1:

    My advice would be to just keep it in the CC....
  14. Turtle Tedd

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    Well I guess I better not post those pictures of me and fasteddy dressed up as girls and fat Mona dressed up as..now that I think of it I really dont remember what she was dressed up as.
  15. Hawaii_Ed

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    Augigod really took offense at the schoolgirl thing, I viewed it as much less racy than bikinis! well thanks for the support guys! Good to know there are a few rational folks on here. Julie models some, the boots are for her star wars look, and she had the skirt already. With a full shirt and less wild boots it looks more decent!
  16. give me vtec

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    ohhh come on tedd... please do share. :whistling: :tt1:
  17. Hawaii_Ed

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    My other disclaimer is that we live in Hawaii, every Sunday we have church on Waikiki beach. Bikinis are allowed. Many of the users here would be shocked to see people in bikinis at church I know, but we do it. I will not post any more girl pictures of any type in the public areas of the forum, especially now that I know this is here.

    I'll post up some of Julie's Star Wars stuff:
    Sexy Leia:
    Slave Leia

    She has a femtrooper page if anyone wants to see more:
  18. sparky

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    First of all.... \/\/H0REZ are great!

    Second of all...

    ^^ That was the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Actually got an LOL outta me.

    Thirdly... Umm... Femtrooper Julie is, like, waaayyyy smokin' hot if I may so say myself. With yours and George Lucas' permission, I'd like to make this my new background for the week. :D
  19. Alaskavan

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    If only one person out of the whole net has a prob with what you post, I'd ignore it.
  20. give me vtec

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    especially when that one person seems to have a problem with just about everything...