Saabsonettguy's blast from the past.

Here's one of my projects, lets see if the pics work.


It's a 1.5hp belt drive model I've been building up for the past year.

Me too with the under bar tank. I've been thinking about brass or copper from the pluming store. They have all the tube/pipe and fittings in the world and all I need to do is sweat it together solider and flux...... Tom in WV in'a VW.... PS my clutch slave cylinder went out to lunch. el crapola
I have been working on an underbar tank made from 3inch copper DVW pipe. I don't like the readily available flat sweat on endcaps so I working on hammering out rounded ends. It takes reapeated annealing of the metal because of workhardening from all the hammering. I thought about using a 3X3X11/2 tee rotated to one side to clear the top tube. Then use a threaded adapter for the cap or solder on a fitting off some other little fuel tank. I thought about splitting old copper toilet floats in half to use for the ends, but the metal is too thin.