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This is the Sachs-engined Mongoose comfort bike I commute on. Sachs sold off it's division that makes this kit, a German bike company called Hudson now manufactures it, and there is a Taiwanese clone (many parts are interchangeable) called pro-Rotary. It complies with restrictions that apply in Europe, Australia, and I believe Canada, that primarily dictate 200W max output, which is about what an average person can produce. But as we all know, not all the time! 200W gets you about 30km/h.


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Sachs Engine (In Garage)

On moped...

Should be on bicycle?

Maybe I should remove and sell the engine, so I have time to go fishing for steelhead in spring...instead of working on another interesting project?


Hi Motorkit. Mine is a Sachs one, known in Europe as a Saxonette or Spartamet. Sachs doesn't make them now, a German bike company called Hudson bought the rights and tooling, still calls it a Saxonette. There are two or three Taiwanese made copies, McLee/Forsen and pro-Rotary are two brands. I don't know where they can be bought in your country, but they're widely available in Europe, Asia and Australia. Specs: its 30cc, rated at 200 Watts and has an ignition limiter to limit the speed to 25 km/h, which is a legal requirement in Europe. It develops 200W from 15 km/h up, with a decompression valve that limits the power as revs rise. Because the speed limit in my state in Australia for motorised bikes is 50 km/h, I replaced the ignition with a generic coil from a line trimmer. With the speed limiter ignition, it gets to 25- 27 km/h then misfires to keep it slower. Without that ignition, it will rev up to about 32 km/h, firing cleanly. Even with the derestricted ignition, it only revs to about 4500 rpm tops, which keeps it pretty quiet. The design is a system, really. You replace your regular rear wheel with the cast one teamed with the motor, reduction gearing, and the rest. It's got a wet clutch, I've done maybe 4000-5000 kilometres since I bought the bike secondhand on ebay, and the clutch is still as good as ever. It weighs about 8-9 kilos that add to the bike.


Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it and it's very good info!!!
I have a Shop on my country and I sell 48cc and 65cc chineese engines.
I have travelled to China last november 2009 and I have spend 15 days there.
I was sorprised to see "so many people" in china... I think they are more than 1.300.000 pleople there and I did not see any gas engine.
All of them travel by bicycle or electric bicycles.
Anyway, I have many things to talk about my trip, because I have travel to nigbo, Beijin, shangai and other small cities...
I add some pics of my trip! and I hope I will find this Sachs engine soon!!
Those pics are from the Chineese Great Wall and the Beijing Olimpic Stadium!!!

Fede - MotorKit


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