Sad day in Florida; Had to sell the Bike

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    I know Im new to the forums, but I am so heartbroken about this and I think only other MBers will understand this.

    About 4 weeks ago, I just got my 1st MB. It was a HT 49cc built on a hybrid bike. Fit like a glove. My dad got it off Craigslist while shopping for a night stand. I took it home and over the last month did A LOT of repairs. New throttle assembly, Grade 8 nuts and bots, pin for the camshaft, #41 chain, the works.

    I had just gotten it broke in to my liking and I was pulled over. Now, keep in mind this was not a bad experience. Its about 2:30pm and I was riding on the sidewalk at about 15-20ish and the county cop flagged me down. We was at the park in Milton, Fl and he asked me to join him for lunch at a table in the park. He just started his lunch brake and wanted to talk to me about MBs.

    We talked about the grey laws in Florida, tags for mopeds, "MBs" being classified with electric motors and what not. Come to find out that the cop was an avid MBer himself. He explained because of the grey laws in Fl, he wont dare ride his bike in public because he is an officer of the law. Can't blame him on that one.

    He told me about 80% of the county cops will pass me by on my bike as long as I follow bike/traffic/pedestrian laws. The last 20% are real hard***s and will cite me for "Unregistered motor vehicle" with mandatory court. The fines in florida range from $60 and up. At this point, his lunch was up and told me to go on ahead and that he never say me ^_~d. He also said he is trying to rally the police force here in Santa rosa county to write our congressmen about getting clear laws. All in all a great guy. Before anyone asks, I did not get his name or bagee number.


    This was 3 days ago. Today I went back to my dads and explained about the poss. fines that I could incur ridding the bike as transport and sold it back to him. I'm a grown man, and I feel a little childish when I say that I will truly miss that bike and it breaks me up to give it up like that. But being an unemployed IT tech looking for work, I cant afford to pay fines.

    Maybe one day...

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I give you props.:bowdown:

    That was a very mature thing to do; you took responsibility and did the right thing. Many riders would not have done so.

    Another time.....another place.
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    I wouldn't say it's a sad day or that you had to "Sell bike" because: what in the world were you doing going 20mph on a sidewalk? That's where people...walk. There are grey laws in just about every state against motorized bicycles and I'm pretty sure in every state it's also illegal to ride ANY type of bicycle on a sidewalk in the first place.

    Keep it on the street.
  4. motorpsycho

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    I personally wouldn't have been doing 20 mph on a sidewalk, and i definitley would not have sold my bike.
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    Was his name Jason?
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    I lost my bike and quit riding in FL because many cops don't even know the law, and also the laws are grey in FL as well. I was pulled over almost 20 times when I had my bike.

    One law says you can, one says you can't, then when talking to legal peoples about the legalities of your bike and they tell you things like "49cc or less ELECTRIC motor" which is impossible, then you realize that we fall victim to the general lack of intelligence of people in the legal system, police or others, and we should not be victims of their stupidities or lack of technical knowledge.

    However, Getting Moped VIN from a dead moped and converting it into the motorized bicycle to get a legal Moped Tag may be an option as I'm considering it.

    I'm trying to get a hold of some old 1960's-1980's old dead mopeds and registering those non-running mopeds, and putting the vin, piece of the moped frame and tag on the motorized bicycle to hopefully beat it legally. Just a thought, I'm not sure yet, so I'm doing my research.

    Good luck out there Florida riders, I'm sorry it has become this way for motored biking in Florida. I wish the best for all of you folks out there.
  7. motorpsycho

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    That's totally illegal, same as swapping vin tags on cars.
    I'm so glad that i don't have to worry about this kind of thing.
  8. Douglas

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    Is that the only way to register it as a moped?