sad story.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by adrian101, May 8, 2011.

  1. adrian101

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    I was riding my normal route around my block when the police decided to pull me up, apparently he had a number of complaints from people that a bicycle with a motor was riding around recklessly.

    1.) I'm not the only person in my area who has a motorized bicycle
    2.) I stick to the road rule completely and i know the laws in my area about motorized bikes.
    3.) I'm pretty sure i know who the police officer was talking about when he was telling me how and i quote "male rider, speeding and no helmet with a loud exhaust". was riding.

    If the police officer even payed attention to my speed, and exhaust and helmet he would notice that my exhaust has a silencer and i wear a dirt bike helmet and i do under the speed limit.

    I was a nice guy to the officer and he still decided to slice my tires, and gave me a $200aud fine. reasons for the fine; Unsafe bicycle and no rear reflector. how is it unsafe? like come on... just before he left he said "walk it home".... no sh#t officer like i'm really going to rim bash it home?

    Now i have to buy brand new tubes and tires. I only not long got a new set which he cut up. I feel like punching the other rider in the eye but then i'd get charged with assault lol

    I really hate when other people wreck things for others by doing stupid things. They will end up getting the laws changed here in Australia..

  2. DuctTapedGoat

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    Seriously - he sliced your tires? I dunno what Australia's laws are, but that's not right. By what right did he do that?
  3. adrian101

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    Yeah i'm serious, i think he did it just to be a a#s hole.. They have done it to my unrego'd dirt bike which is understandable but a motorized bicycle that is following all the rule is utter BS!
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    Depending on your laws, and I don't know what they are.. a fine and/or impound may of been justified. I'll tell you right now, if a officer (which I can't see it happen here) slices by tires and tubes, he's in a world of hurting. I wouldn't put up with that treatment one ioda. Weather I have to take it up with his superiors or take care of it myself, it'll be done.

    I don't believe that (as far as I know) there is any law in a free society that would authorize a officer destruction of property. I would think that you could file charges against that officer just like you could do to a neighbor, cutting your tires.

    If that happened here, the officer would most likely get fired... Words from Shelby County Alabama Sheriff Office. But he stated, that would NEVER (except a rogue cop) happen here.
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  5. motorpsycho

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    I think i would have spit in his eye, and then said "whoops".
    slicing your tires?
    man, that's just not right.
  6. billgill

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    I don't know if you can lodge a complaint, sounds like criminal damage to me. Are you sure your bike is legal? AFAIK we have a 200W limit in Australia, the 48cc motors are 1200W stock.
  7. Al.Fisherman

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    I don't care if the bike was legal or not...makes no difference. Do you live in such a police state that lets officers destroy private property? I doubt it..file a complaint and nip this PIG (derogatory about this guy) in the bud.
  8. DuctTapedGoat

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    I'd pay the money to take the bike onto a dyno and actually see what it's wattage is, then definitely file a complaint.
  9. adrian101

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    The wattage is definitely over 200w. The engine is 2.5kw f80b. The thing that makes me angry is that the police drive by all the time while i'm riding and they don't say a word nor pull me over. then all of a sudden i get pulled up and blamed for "complaint of reckless riding/no helmet and speeding" when i wasn't the one doing it.

    i'll be buying new tires and tubes today. I hate taking my back wheel off. It's always a b#tch putting it back on lolz

    I will file a complaint, i know the officers name. I don't know how i will go though.
  10. Al.Fisherman

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    Reprimand or hopefully FIRED. And pay for the tires and tubes, hopefully the labor. I wouldn't let it go even if I had to take it to the Governor.
  11. RedBaronX

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    I can't imagine him slicing your tires was legal. File a complaint for sure. If all goes well, they would have to pay for your tires by at LEAST reducing the fine. If you can prove that your bike is within your local laws for power and speed, that should negate the fine completely AND they should pay for your tires.

    Slashing your tires is not the equivalent of impounding your bike.
  12. BikerInFla

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    Sadistic little f'er isn't he...hmm...payback on this badge is due :poop:
  13. Wheres my dog

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    Was it a long walk home with the bike?

    Hey, he could of impounded it and cost you even more
  14. Al.Fisherman

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    What could possibility warrant a "impoundment"???

    "male rider" don't think so
    "speeding" Did he witness speeding...NO
    "no helmet" ticket, maybe a fine. Rider said he had a helmet....
    "loud exhaust" stock exhaust, set it next to a Harley and see who is loud
    "unsafe" rear reflector...get real..are they required in the first place???
    Last time I checked AU was a free society and not a dictatorship.
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  15. adrian101

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    hey guys,

    I went to my local police station today and told them of the incident, the police officer on duty said the other officer had no rights to slice the tires of the bike as he had no evidence that it was me riding around being reckless, i was told that the officer that sliced the tires will be made to pay the cost for the tires and tubes. So i gave them the receipt with the cost on it lol

    I also was giving a pardon letter that i can send to the fine place so i will not need to pay any fines for the incident..

    They asked did i want to make a formal complaint against the officer but i said no because i don't want to be responsible for someone loosing their job as i'm not a a##hole..

    I think the officer is already in enough trouble from his sergeant already lol
  16. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    about a 10min walk.
  17. BikerInFla

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    I can appreciate your position about this cop and losing his job ... what you might not know is this is just the tip of the iceberg with this DB ... have been around a long time in this world and sociopaths like this only get worse and will brutalize others ...
  18. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    You know getting him in trouble may just result back in a certain level of....


    Watch yourself when riding
  19. BikerInFla

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    You are right about that!:sweatdrop:
  20. Al.Fisherman

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    Let's add.....

    First of all that Dunb A, doesn't belong holding a police position... He NEEDS to be fired...I wouldn't think twice. Protect and Serve...RIGHT many in the past or future will be subject to this treatment from him.

    Thirdly. LOL you will NEVER have to worry about him stopping you again if you file the complaint...HE WILL be afraid to stop you as it will show he was after you and can't afford a job loss if reprimanded.

    Replacement of both tires and tubes...don't forget the labor involved, and I'd charge him the going rate from a bicycle shop for repairs.

    adrian101...Did my PM help you??