Sad Time In The Free World

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  1. Mountainman

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    Sad Time In The Free World
    got to watch what you say
    ones can dish it out
    can't take it back their way

    so very careful
    not to step on a toe
    the ACL-WO runs wild
    they are taking a toll

    on the one that
    has stood so tall
    statue of liberty
    welcomed one and all

    to the country that was free
    meant for you and me
    THINGS seem to be changing
    blind men can't see

    as they call in
    to the moderators late into the night
    did you see what Mountainman said
    it just ain't right

    this site needs more security
    from ones like him
    he believes in that one above
    talks about sin !!!

    I love my OBAMA M​
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  2. kerf

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    Disclaimer: PC Warning

    The above statements in no way reflect the thoughts or opinions of the owners or staff of this forum.

    The above statements contains words or phrases that are known to the State of California to cause lucid thought in open minded adults.
  3. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member


    who's next?

    who will write posts in poetry?
  4. kerf

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    Truly a sad state of affairs when a person like mountainman gets banned for writing poetry. Must have struck a nerve in someone.
  5. CatonCam

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    MB.c is NOT a Democracy! This site is privately owned, and the owner, Tom gets to make his own rules. I think they are pretty fair, and was given the choice to either live by them or not join the site.

    All too often some members begin to flaunt the rules, and develop a mentality that they can say and / or do what ever they like. Not so. Free speech? Within the bounds of the rules. Free World? Not on a privately
    owned section of the net. Folks, we, as members really need to help the Moddy's here by NOT trying to push the boundaries that have been setup by the rules.

    To address one comment with my opinion:

    There once was a member here who for what ever reason could not use punctuation. His posts were a nightmare to read and comprehend. Tom gave us rule #6. Mountain Man's first posts were done using complete sentences.
    Somewhere along the way it got convoluted into what some here think is "cute", or "poetry". I for one, do not.

    Some of the posts on site are a little hard to read what with selling or grammatical errors but, with a little bit of effort they can be figured out. To me, most of what Mountain Man posts is so garbled and incomplete
    that it is too much effort to read, and if you do, it usually does not make much sense.

    I agree that MB.c is a social site, also its an information site. The white zone is a nice addition to the site but, lets not spend too much time around the watercooler/coffee pot that we forget why we are on this site. Motored Bikes.

    Too many distractions lead to many great members losing interest and going off on their own. Case in point is Graucho, so much lost talent IF, he
    decides to post and contribute elsewhere. There are many more.
    I think its time to get back to the reason this Forum was started in the first place, getting the bikes on the road!
    Helping others get past the stumbling blocks and get their smile on!

    Add to this opinion, my many thanks to the Moddies who give their time SO FREELY, to keep the info from being thrown out with the trash. That would be Present and Past Moddies. And, THANK YOU, Tom for giving us this site.


    ps I can remember when the person whom Mountain Man is blaming his troubles on WAS a Moddy too! Thanks Bamabikeguy
  6. moondog

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    Mountainman emailed me, wants to be a friend

    I said yes, my answer did send

    He's the only person

    That's asked me that

    I hope he's back soon

    That rhymin cat !
  7. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    If you look back in my post history, you'll see that I have said that you signed away any "freedom of speech" the minute you clicked "yes" on the terms of service for this forum. If this is the way they want to run it, then that is fine by me.

    As far as posts that are hard to read, have you checked out duivendyke's material? Holy cow, is the space key busted on his keyboard? Ban him too. :jester: Seriously though, all of us regulars have gotten used to the posting styles of others. Creating a rule to use spelling and grammar check would be going over the line, or do the "statists" think that is a good idea. Hmmmmmmmmmm......

    If it was indeed bamabikeguy's whining that precipitated this whole thing, I am not surprised. This is how the leftists supress the opposition, by using government (in this case, the government is the site owner and the mods) to create/enforce rules that benefit them. But whoops, there I go getting political. :)
  8. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Ya know, You are a serious cry baby. This site is comprised of some of the best and most mechanically inclined individuals I have ever met.

    We are mechanics not English teachers and the last thing we need is a grammar Nazi checking threads and making comments, getting people to scared to post their thoughts or share knowledge. This posting shows your childishness. Although I agree to a point with what you are saying, I'm sure you took time to ask one of the offenders politely by PM to please use a word processor because I'm having trouble understanding you.
    If Graucho feels he's better than us for some reason and wants to withhold knowledge and or leave, so be it. I have perfect respect for his work but he's not the only guy out there doing it either. If he wants to leave, nobody can stop him.

    What do you do when you read the paper at home? If you see an article you don't like do you force yourself to read? Didn't think so, do it here and QUIT CRYING!

    Mods are perfectly within their rights to do as they so choose agreed by all at sign in. There's no need to brownnose them. My only concern is that differences of opinion lead to disciplines on this site. I was hit once for avoiding the word censor in what I feel to be a trivial way, something that goes on quite a bit here. Was my discipline due to difference of opinion W/ Authority, YOU BET!

    Sure I push things here and there for fun, ultimately it's the mods who have final say. I hope they collectively (all of them) take a good look at why people are get disciplined here.
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  9. kerf

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    We seem to be moving in a direction of extreme censorship. This site used to be useful and fun but the fun is gone and as for useful, I'm well enough on my own. I've shared more with others than I've taken, glad to do it but I guess its run its course.
  10. graucho

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    Just a little bored of the repetitive nature of the posts. This is completly normal for someone hanging out here for a year and a half. I give myself a 8 out of 10 for helping people when I was in my prime.

    Im a giver not a taker. Not withholding anything. Just tired and need to stretch my wings. I have full respect for every member here. Simple as that.

    As far as politics, If its in the white zone I could care less. I just wont read them if it dosen't spark an interest. I have to stay out of them because within my core nature i'd rather terminate, not a debate. So its best not to join in.
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  11. machiasmort

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    The way it was written, sounded like Caton knew something we didn't. Like you were taking your ball and going home. LOL

    Any way congrad's Graucho, looks like you've got a fan club forming :jester: And glad your staying!
  12. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    We got poetry out the yang:

    He lit a match

    To check gas tank

    That's why

    They call him

    Skinless frank


    Aim some other direction, boys....

    The only post I ever reported was some teenage vulgarian months ago.
  13. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Sorry, I must've misunderstood that CatonCam cat. (who was he in a previous life here?)
  14. kerf

    kerf Guest



    Lock er down !

    Don't know how anyone would think bama was a snitch.
  15. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    You know, I don't recall that I've ever "reported" a post on this board, and for sure not over politics. Yet I'd venure to say I've probably contributed to the crackdown on the political threads.

    Simply because I've repeatedly asked some to abandon the ad hominem attacks and the scurrilous labeling - not that my requests did much good other than to indicate how I feel about that sort of thing.

    Also - is MountainMan in fact banned? I see no evidence of that, and while his derogatory name calling has been an irritant, it was about like the minor irritation of a fly crawling across the back of my hand. His poetry I mostly enjoy.

    All that said, this site is Tom's property. Just like I wouldn't come in his house all sweaty and dirty and put my feet up on the coffee table, I will attempt to limit discussion to the limits he wants observed. It's called good manners.
  16. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    look under his name it says it permanent?i hope not!
  17. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    That's a title. Since the titles here are assigned, perhaps it is a literal statement, perhaps it isn't.

    I don't know - do you?
  18. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    **** willing he will be back.
  19. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I'll take a 14 point hit to clear things up.

    To "report" anonymously, you click on the little red triangle mark and explain your objection to the moderators, which I did months ago, with that teenage flamethrower.

    I ignore the political threads, do my politicking over at DailyKOS, where Congressfolk, economists, reporters, authors and celebrities post up and get feedback.

    Even then-Senator Obama waded into that hornet's nest in 2006 and 2007. His aides come over every few days for input.

    I stayed off during the run-up to the election, but if you put $10 on Obama in March 2007 when I came back from Selma and said "this election is soooooooo OVER", you would have been $500 ahead, based on the odds at that time.

    Tom has a "three strikes" numerical setup, dKos has 1.

    If you post about 9-11 conspiracies, or the Israel/Palestine conflict, you are kicked out of dKos, permanently. Secession, sedition, racism and violence only get you troll-rated.

    So, Kilroy posts "No More Politics" on July 22nd, and boy did that sticky go to **** in a handbasket.

    That's when I looked in the political threads, saw the birther meme has rose up, which gets you banned at RedState and LittleGreenFootballs nowadays, ONE strike and OUT.

    I don't think MM amassed any points in Kilroy's sticky, but then he comes in with that "poll" thread the very next day.

    I didn't "report" it, I simply replied, stated the truth, and maybe he got his 14 points when Dave locked it. I recognized the rambling manifesto language, but didn't say anything.

    Then he comes back and NAMES DAVE in a title, very, very bannable on dKos, IF you don't edit out the name in a few minutes.

    You don't call out a member in the title.

    MM must have got 14 more for that one. That rule has been net-ti-quette since, like, forever.

    That gets us here, he was banned before I ever saw it, so he must be at 42 points in 2 days.

    If the name calling keeps up, which is easier to identify than politics, it's 14 points per shot.

    Anybody that has a grudge could tip him over the numerical edge. That's forum math......

    Come on over to the major leagues, like dailyKOS, for political debate, where you have to back up your words with facts, numbers, sources.

    You can't just make **** up, and on dKOS you definitely are going to get challenged.

    So, it twern't me that got him 42 points, I gave him a heads up before he got his first 14.

    He could have edited it out ASAP, before Dave locked it, and he would have still been at zero points.

    Que sera sera......
  20. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Fill in the blanks. That has been my contention all along, left/right/center, there are dozens of dedicated venues available for arduous, political debate.
    I visit several every week, left and right, with memberships well over a hundred thousand, no big fish/little pond there, and go ready to be challenged