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    A motorbike isn't too practical if it can't carry repair tools/parts and a payload from the store. I was considering some pretty nice canvas bags 11X 14 X 6" and considered what I could form to keep them rectangular. The thought came to me, "Why bother?" These things aren't really too streamlined anyhow and basically utility vehicles. Has anybody ever mounted 30 or 50 cal. surplus ammo bcxes? They make practical sense. They are weather tight, can be made lockable, and can mount to the sides of a carrier with proper J-bolts securely. If they have hooks on them and are level with the top of the carrier, a cargo net could be used to carry stuff on top of the pair. On the negative side they look like c*** and stuff will rattle and come apart unless rags or foam are packed. Keith (trackfodder) Williams
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    I don't have much room on my rack mount for any type of saddle bag. I did hang a small camera bag under the seat for tools, other than that, I backpack it.
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    You're right. These bikes must be able to carry as much as possible. Otherwise they are not practical transportation.

    Sounds like you've got a good idea there. I'd go for it. Appearance is only a secondary concern.
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    Trailers are easily obtainable for under $100 and can haul up to 100lbs. I appreciate wanting to be able to pack luggage on the bike itself but your amount of cargo is limited due to space and weight concerns. You can get good mid frame bags for tools or front and rear panniers. Even a rackmount can fit a good deal of cargo underneath the engine and on the opposite side to the engine. The trailers really the best way to go for large cargo loads as they won't make your bike top heavy or "un-kickstandable." You can fit quite a deal of a load in a backpack too which shouldn't disturb your bikes handling at all.
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