Safety Advice Needed!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by willwills90, May 20, 2015.

  1. willwills90

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    Hi Everybody, im new here and this is my first post, anyway.

    Im wondering what sort of security precautions I should take, like biker gear, dirtbike helmet, etc. im gonna be building an 80cc motorised bike for using as a dirt bike, so whatever you guys think is necessary.

    Also, another unrelated question, can you get the plastic the have on dirt bikes and normal bikes so that it actually looks like a dirt bike instead of a bike with an engine on it.

    thanks alot,


  2. battery

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    I reccomend always wearing a helmet on road or off. Get a nice pair of riding glasses too. Check out ebay for bicycle fenders. Get some sturdy ones don't go cheap or they will wrap up on you.
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  3. darwin

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    I only wear a bicycle helmet and gloves, that's my choice. You can never be too safe when it comes to safety gear, it's whatever makes you feel safe. I've never seen anyone put dirt bike plastics on a motorized bicycle here in all the pics I've seen. If you want that look why not just buy a dirt bike?
  4. willwills90

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    The reason being im not allowed a dirt bike, and they're too expensive
  5. KCvale

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    A full suit of armor if you think a normal bicycle can hold up to off-road motorcycle abuse Will, they are designed to handle a persons 1/10th of a Horse Power and weight and low torque speeds.

    A $1000+ super heavy duty full suspension mountain bike will hold up if you don't go crazy on it, but at least for me growing up in the desert the whole purpose of a dirt bike was to go out and go crazy ;-}

    Surly makes a pretty nice bike that will take some off-road abuse in that $1K+ price range.

    I built this Surely as a mountain mule for a customer that didn't want gears or to be able to go over ~15MPH, he wanted a hill climbing torque moster that could climb a telephone pole and he got just what he wanted.


    I built that several months ago and recently talked to the customer.
    He is beating and it it's still holding together with matiencee, but it was a ~$2K build.

    Put a 3-speed shifter on that and you'd have a pretty reliable MB you could off-road pretty hard on because it's all quality components designed to abuse.

    If you want a true 'Dirt Bike with Pedals' get a MotoPed frame.

    There is no production bicycle frame made like a dirt bike frame like this.

    The whole thing comes in a big square box and you assemble it.
    Here are some big pieces


    This is the rolling frame that is a functional single speed bicycle.


    All beef, no fluff.

    You can put a legal 50cc engine in it, I went with an 86cc 4-stroke with internal
    3-speed semi-automatic gears.

    This is it without the dressing.


    This is my finished 'Real Dirt Bike with Pedals'.


    1280x big pic

    You asked about safety gear.
    #1 top of the list is a bike than will take what you throw at it.
    In short, some $150 Wallyworld 'Mountain Bike' won't cut it bud so just be warned and stay safe.
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  6. LR Jerry

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    Any kind of eye protection whether on road or off road is better than no eye protection at all.
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  7. willwills90

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    thanks for that KC,

    I have a 600 euro mountain bike that is unbranded, its held up fine while pedalling, so im sure a small 2 stroke shouldnt cause any problems
  8. bluegoatwoods

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    Still, you'll be surprised at just how much more beating your bike takes when it has this small 2 stroke installed. It's just in the nature of the game.

    An excellent rider can offset a lot of this extra stress. But it takes effort.

    I'm not saying, "Don't do it". Just be warned. At best you'll have a rather tame dirt bike. You won't be able to run with the 250 cc dirt bikes.
  9. battery

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    I beat the daylights out of this wal Mart bike. Jumps and all. The only parts I needed to replace were the pedals, disk brakes, shifter, crank set, and rims. Geared to go 2mph to 50+mph it's a trail beast!